Holland’s maxim: a lesson in elegance in the use of the most stylish outerwear


Not weird Maxima from Holland surprise with your risky look which, without being completely trendy, gives a distinctive touch with regard to the rest of the royalty. The wife of kung william She is a master at using accessories to lift her outfits, especially through jewelry, such as earrings and brooches, as well as headgear, which in her case is an accessory that characterizes the protocol. A friend of strong colors and patterns, Máxima masterfully combines low-cost brands with other very prestigious brands such as Natan, Jan Taminiau or Claes Iversen.

Maxima of the Netherlands with cape / Gtres

About a few days ago, in the big debut of princess of orange In the Government, the Queen chose a sophisticated outfit in currant color, her choice to go to a Christmas party has not been less. The Queen has participated in the Christmas Music Gala as honorary chairman of the initiative More Music in the Classroom (More music in school), and has done so with an elegant look in beige tones where the coat has been the main character.

In this case, Máxima has chosen a simple lady-cut dress in beige tones from the company Natan. A long-sleeved design with a closed neck made of glittering silk with sequin applications in white, gray and brown for a festive touch. She has combined it with nude court shoes and diamond and pink tourmaline earrings from Steltman jeweler. The most striking has been the beige cape he has worn to protect himself from the low temperatures of these dates, as well as the hairstyle, in the purest style of a Hollywood star, with waves to the water and a semi-gathered on one side.

Doña Letizia, with cape in Sweden / Gtres

This is not the first time that Máxima has chosen a cape of this type, which seems to have become one of its fetish garments. In fact, just this Wednesday, in place at the Prime Minister, Máxima wore a very similar cape in garnet. Undoubtedly an ideal complement to the cold, which has many followers among the royals. Just take a look at the latest appearances of Mrs. Letizia, for example, to see how wrap coats, if any, are a must in her wardrobe, although she also has some in the style of the one Argentina has worn.

The purpose of this initiative, of which the Queen is particularly committed, is promote adequate music education for all primary school pupils in the Netherlands. It’s actually no secret that Argentina is passionate about music and this is something she has been able to convey to her daughters, especially Princess Amalia and Alexia.

This appointment has taken place during a week of crucial importance for Orange, not just for the birthday princess amaliaBut because Alexia is about to return from Wales to enjoy the Christmas holidays with her loved ones.

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