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Hogwarts Legacy seems intent on giving players the chance to live out their goals to find in the witch-verse at Hogwarts. It was announced at Sony’s PS5 showcase event in 2020. It has positive and negative responses.

The title contains thousands of aspiring witches and wizards preparing for their time at Hogwarts and extremely expecting the endgame to draw ever closer. Gamers and Potterheads alike are excited about this title, and with a purpose.

We’ve seen plenty of sneak peeks, trailers, and showcases that promise a lot for fans and newcomers alike. Just think of yourself flying over a brush or driving a Thestral across the Hogsmeade sky. Today WB Games surprised everyone with a new cinematic trailer for Hogwarts Legacy. While the hype has already increased, the company is putting a lot of effort into building it further.

Hogwarts Legacy: Trailer


Cinematic trailers show a glimpse of Hogwarts Legacy follows the rather dangerous flight of an owl. Which, we suspect, contains the letter to the protagonist. As we all know, our character will be part of Hogwarts in his fifth year. That’s a strange thing for a scholar from a magical school.

Another good thing we got to see is a bit of the fighting and some of the creatures that will appear in the game. There is a dragon that we hope to fight as soon as the game is released. WB Video Games did a great job with the Hogwarts Legacy cinematic trailer and we couldn’t be more excited.


We will say that additional leaks show things like the map, clothing, and some of the spells. We haven’t heard anything about the story, but just be careful. But in the meantime, you can start planning which house you’ll be a part of by taking a look online. Doing so will allow you to link your account and rank on the same page when the game arrives. Now we just hope to get more gameplay quickly. While the Hogwarts Legacy cinematic trailer is nice, we can’t wait to see some hands-on trailers quickly.

Portkey Games has released the Hogwarts Legacy cinematic trailer revealing the game in all its next-gen glories in 4K with the State of the Game reveal.

Hogwarts Legacy: Release Date

The franchise has confirmed that Hogwarts Legacy will launch on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S on the 10th.the February 2023. The game will arrive on PS4 and Xbox on the 4ththe April 2023. Ultimately, it should be released on Nintendo Switch on the 25ththe July 2023.

Here is the trailer:

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