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The Hog Hammock Trail is a hiking or mountain bike trail west of the I95 in West Palm Beach. It is possible to train 4 miles of track in the mangroves. You can train there for a 1.5 km circuit, or add another to make a total of 3 km, and there’s another turn to the northwest: the Promontary Trail. It is part of the Everglades, but very close to the sea, and you can see that it is an ecosystem that was once very marine. It is a swampy jungle, very wooded, and therefore not one of the most beautiful places in Palm Beach County.

Hog Hammock Trail: for cycling in West Palm Beach
Hog Hammock Trail: for cycling in West Palm Beach

Some may appreciate the diversity of the landscape, especially for cycling from the usual places. For walking, on the other hand, you first prefer the adjacent part (on the other side of the road). Grassy waters (walking only) or Apoxee Trail which in turn is a little further south (and also very good for cycling).

Entrance to the basin

8537 Northlake Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33412


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