Hobbits and elves, united we can: the pros and cons of the “Ring of Power”


Rings of Power It has already reached the middle of its first and highly anticipated first season. Full media deployment from Prime Video, a multinational content streaming platform Amazonwhich in the first two episodes is delivered in Spanish J. A. Bayonne.

Developed by Patrick McKay and JD Payne. The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power He was not spared the now almost inevitable dispute over the races of his protagonists. Not from die-hard Tolkien fans who are frustrated by the possible deviations of the series from the original author’s material.

Rings of Power | Cord Press

Anyway, Rings of Power, a series as engaging as it is hard-working, has a difficult mission ahead of it: to please the most viewers. The second season has already started recording at the moment while the first is still streaming, so fans and fans are already guaranteed another year of history.



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