H&M sandals that are the clone of the successful bandage of Bimba and Lola


Bimba y Lola signed on to a bestseller last season never before seen with sandals that H&M has cloned to perfection. The Spanish brand is an expert in creating all types of garments and accessories that adapt perfectly to our daily lives. It’s time to start preparing our wardrobe for what’s to come, taking care of our feet is important. Is flip flops from H&M inspired by one of the reference companies, Bimba and Lolais the low cost we were looking for.

H&M has the clone of H&M sandals at a ridiculous price

Sandals are our best complement. A comfortable shoe to cope with good weather is important. We must feel good about a type of shoe that has everything needed for us to be able to fully enjoy the longest days of the year. It is comfortable, beautiful, flattering and very cheap.

The Spanish brand Bimba y Lola dared to create sandals with ropes. A very marine air, but also original and comfortable, caused a wave of searches and purchases for this accessory. They were so special that other brands decided to try to copy this formula for success.

H&M has presented its new collection with Bimba’s and Lola’s sandals as the main characters. The resemblance is huge and the finish is still of good quality. The strings that make the difference by creating straps that adapt perfectly to the foot are found in this most iconic design.

H&M sandals that are the clone of the successful bandage of Bimba and Lola

The leather insoles and the ribbed sole are the basis which provides maximum comfort. A type of sandal that will be the best option to invest in the most absolute comfort this season. It is impossible not to fall in love with a type of sandal that is already about to break sales records.

They are available in two colors. H&M sells these sandals in two shades, a beige and red which makes it difficult to choose, they are just as beautiful. Depending on our style, we can invest in a more daring and colorful touch or get a fireproof basic that will surely be combined with everything.

The price of these sandals is only 24.99 eurosFar from the price of Bimba and Lola, H&M lowers the design to an amount we can all afford. Do not be without sandals that you will see on many occasions this new season.

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