Hispanic Cortez Masto, hundreds of votes away from Nevada seat, hands Senate to Democrats


Democrats cautiously await victory it craves Joe Biden Successfully complete his term in the White House.Yesterday, Saturday, the President of the United States added that it already belongs to him Forty-ninth seat After getting Arizona blue in the Senate.victory Mark Kelly Blake Masters tied the count to 49 and left the situation likely to favor the incumbent’s party.

Biden only needs one of the two states that remain controversial. He could win in Nevada, as it looks like he will win after the mail-in ballots are counted, or he could win in Georgia in the December runoff. Unlike the Republican Party, To control the Senate, this tie is worth it. Quality votes by its VPs, Kamala Harris, break the shackles of decision-making. That is, as long as there is one norm beyond the bipartisan consensus to deal with in the House, Biden will win.

However, Democrats don’t like to play all their cards in Georgia’s second round, which features a referendum. Also, his Nevada candidate appears to be turning the scrutiny around. In this state, most ballots arriving by mail are Democratic in color.last Wednesday, as shown Washington posthis Republican opponent, the former Nevada attorney general, Adam Laxott, with an advantage of nearly 9,000 votes. This Saturday, at the end of the period, the two candidates were separated by just 900 votes.

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A victory in Nevada would give a double boost to a Biden administration.Aside from taking a breather in front of the two courses that remain in the presidential election, the results will give him Hit Donald Trump directly. Laxalt is one of the toughest members of the Republican conservative wing. In fact, he and Trump himself were among the main instigators of fraud allegations in 2020. His defeat, along with poor results in other key states and DeSantis’ strong showing in Florida, could lead to the former president losing the 2024 presidential race.

Contrary to abortion rights, he blamed immigrants for the invasion, which he said “must stop.” While serving as Nevada attorney general, he also challenged federal law related to climate change.In this sense, he opposes the investigation of the company Exxon Mobilamong other things, is accused of funding organizations opposed to the Kyoto Protocol.

For its part, Catherine Cortez Masto, has manifested an ideology that is the exact opposite of the opponent’s ideology. She advocates for the creation of green jobs and believes the federal government should limit greenhouse gas emissions, and in 2019 she was one of 34 senators who signed a letter to Trump calling for renewed engagement with El Salvador, Guatemala and other countries Negotiate with Honduras. He supports regulation of gun ownership, as well as Obamacare.

Clark County, the most populous county in the state, announced this Saturday (US time) that all ballots will be counted today. There are still 22,000 ballots to be counted. If the trend of mail-in recounts continues, it will be enough to flip seats and give Biden control of the Senate.



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