His prayers are hampered by his negative attitudes towards his wife.


His prayers are hampered by his negative attitudes towards his wife – Mike Bamiloye

The clergyman, Mike Bamiloye, has warned men to stop abusing their wives.

In a post shared to his Instagram page this morning, Bamiloye claimed that men who treat their wives poorly are only “doing” themselves.

He opined that the reason some men don’t get their prayers answered is because of their negative attitude towards their wives.

Your post says;

Men and Brothers, listen to me. When You Mistreat Your Wife,… It’s You Yourself What You Are Doing!
When you are insulting your wife, you are insulting yourself!
When you hurt your wife, you are hurting yourself!
When you are starving your wife to punish her, you are starving yourself!

Hear me out, Bros and Mens,
Your prayers will not be able to change the situation when you are violent and inhuman and inconsiderate and loveless with the wife of your youth.

She cries all night, you don’t even care.
She hurts terribly in her heart, you don’t even look in her direction,
You leave her at home with three or four children and go on business trips and personal vacations, sailing from coast to coast.
You are only making a deposit to a Bank of Future Calamity.

And you make your withdrawals with full interest.
You can’t miss your Rewards.



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