Hiroshima’s 85-year-old great-grandmother is Japan’s newest virtual youtuber/idol【Video】


And all thanks to her “idiot grandson.”

Japan has a new one virtual youtuber which just debuted. Hirokoas they call it, many orthodox Japanese check it out VTuber Checklist Items: She is a cute young girl with a stylish hairstyle in an eye-catching color, wears a schoolgirl outfit, and has a casual, inviting personality.

▼ Hiroko video trailer without dialogue

So what sets Hiroko apart from all the other anime-style virtual YouTubers? The fact that he is 85 years old. And no, it’s not one of those “This anime girl looks like a teenager, but is actually very old due to a magic spell or cryostasis!” kind of situation. Created by Hiroko really is an 85-year-old grandmother from Hiroshima.

▼ Video featuring Hiroko

“Nice to meet you all,” Hiroko greets her viewers. “Some of you young people might think they changed my voice to sound like that, but I’m 85 and definitely elderly.”

So how did Hiroko become a virtual YouTuber instead of spending her free time knitting sweaters or playing bridge? In her own words:

My idiot grandson recommended me to become a VTuber, so I debuted…“You can do things you weren’t in your youth as a VTuber,” they said, so I’m going crazy. I hope you don’t regret your advice, grandson“.

Like other VTubers, part of Hiroko’s appeal is her candid conversational style. “My grandchildren are finally old enough that I don’t have to give them otoshidama money for the New Year, but my first great-grandchild was recently born, so now I’m going to have to give them otoshidama,” she laments, adding, “Everyone, let’s use our otoshidama wisely.”

Hiroko thinks about money matters quite often. In his next video, he says yes received an email from a Generation Z viewer asking what is more important, love or money.

Her wise words?

That’s easy. Money is number one. This is issue number two. There is no number three or four, but number five is money. Love is something you fall out of after one day.”

▼ Hiroko quits her videos asking “Won’t you subscribe to my channel?” with a phrase reminiscent of a Hiroshima grandmother Channeru touroku shite kuren ka no?”

Hiroko has only just debuted, but her intro video already has up to 70,000 views in just one day and garnered comments such as:

“She looks really good for someone her age.
“She’s really energetic. I hope it goes far.
“It’s so weird how “URL” says in 1:17 [of her self-intro video]”.
“Congratulations on the birth of your great-grandson!”
“She is a VTuber beginner, but our life experience is senpai.”
“There’s something comforting about hearing him speak in Hiroshima dialect.”

Hiroko is also announced as the first member Meta Grandmas, senior unit of VTuber idols which is created by the Japanese media company Otagroup. Auditions are still open and applicants must be women aged 75 or older, living in Japan and mentally healthy, with the ideal candidate also being outgoing, good singer and “powerful”. Applications can be made via the Otagroup website here.

Source: Otagroup by Real sound by Hachim Kiko
Top image: YouTube/メタばあちゃん_MetaGrandma
Insert images: YouTube/メタばあちゃん_MetaGrandma (1, 2)
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