HIIT for boxing: why do boxers use interval training?


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is very common among professionals boxer shorts as it involves repetitive short or long medium to high intensity exercises which are critical to improving their fitness and boxing conditioning.

short HIIT intervals does not take more than 45 seconds and is used by boxers to achieve aerobic or anaerobic adaptation. For those who need to reduce the load on the lactic acid energy system, this type of exercise is fundamental, as it does not allow lactate to accumulate.

However, short HIIT intervals are high-intensity exercises, which means that athletes may experience post-workout fatigue problems.

as for long HIIT intervalsthey usually last more than two minutes and, unlike short intervals, are not very intense.

They prioritize aerobic adaptation to increase the amount of blood pumped from the heart to the working muscles.

Why do boxers use interval training?

HITT intervals boxers can be manipulated to achieve different physiological adaptations depending on the intensity and duration of the work.

There are certain adaptations specifically designed for boxing, such as shadow boxing, pillow work, and bag work.

Consequently, boxers use interval training to manage both aerobic and anaerobic adaptations by doing a couple of minutes at varying intensities.

However, maximum intensity means that the athlete may have problems with fatigue.

It is recommended to follow low to medium intensity workouts, especially for people who don’t have time for certain recovery strategies, or those who have a stressful job, as well as beginners who have just begun to learn HIIT intervals World.

Meanwhile, due to the intensity of training, HIIT can boost your metabolism for hours after your workout.

This results in more calories being burned after you’ve finished your workout, which can lead to fat loss similar to traditional exercise.


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