Highland Park shooting victims: Parents save their child’s life by protecting him from bullets


BUT A married couple saved a two-year-old childn after protecting him from bullets.

Irina McCarthy, 35 years old and her husband, Kevin McCarthy 37 years old, attended the 4th of July parade with Aiden in Highland Park, Illinois.

Irina as well as Kevin were among seven victims taken Robert Crimo III.

Shooting in Chicago at Fourth of July parade in Highland Park: at least 6 killed

According to the survivors, they found the baby, Aiden McCarthy, under your father.

The two survivors discovered the toddler when his father was mortally wounded.

“My boyfriend gave me this little boy and said he was under that father shot in the leg,” Lauren Silva told the Daily Beast.

“They were trying to stop the bleedingso I brought the boy down to the garage.”

“He kept asking if mom and dad would be back soon,” she said.

The authorities were looking for Aiden’s parents:

Moments after the shooting, authorities sought out baby’s parents.

After the shooter started shooting, the local cook took the child away while waiting for the parents.

Go Fund Me account:

BUT GoFundMe page raised more than 1 million dollars to help the child.

“According to the results Highland Park, Illinois, July 4th shooting. The North Shore community rallied to help the boy we knew nothing about. We brought him to safety under tragic circumstances, came together to find his grandparents, and prayed for the safety of his family,” the fundraising page reads.

“Unfortunately, I have to give his name…Aiden McCarthy. And he needs more of our help. His parents Irina and Kevin were killed. during the shooting on 4 July.

“On behalf of his family and with their permission, I am establishing this fundraiser to support him and the caregivers who will be tasked with raising, caring for and supporting Aiden as he and his support system embark on this unexpected journey.”

Misha as well as Nina Levberg, Irina’s parents and Aiden McCarthy’s grandparents look after the baby.


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