Hiba Abouk expands family: pregnant with a second child


A picture is worth a thousand words. Shiba Abuk Has been one of the participants in the closing ceremony of the San Sebastian Music Festival.The actress wore a well-fitting black dress, wide shoulder straps and a sweetheart neckline. Photograph Sprouting belly in motion. In this way, Interpreters It has been confirmed that she is full of sweet expectations for her second child.

Hiba Abouk at the closing of the San Sebastian Music Festival. / Gtres

This good news was released after he made some enlightening statements in an interview resistance, Where David Broncano is a public thread program. In the process of participating, she expressed her strong desire to become a mother again. «I have worked a lot and I have done enough publicity to support my family and There are more children”, He said with a smile.

He even dared to answer the mysterious question that comedians usually ask his guests how many times he has sex a month. «THonestly, I rarely see my partner Last month, Paris Saint-Germain player Achraf Hakimi (Achraf Hakimi) said. After that, he closed his eyes and settled, and smiled and answered “six times”.

Hiba Abouk shows off her budding belly.  /Gtres
Hiba Abouk shows off her budding belly. /Gtres

A few weeks ago, in the recording titled I already, By the Madrid artist C. TanganaShiba tried his best to conceal his good mood. This fact is not ignored on the Internet, because several users have concluded that Hiba may be pregnant. “inside story You have been seen, don’t cover it with a fan, you are beautiful…”, one user said, another user answered: “Yes! She is very pretty”.

Not much to say, in one of the photos published that day, Shiba Abuk She poses in a bikini, but the fan is open, so her belly cannot be seen. This attitude of the actress is not surprising, because when it comes to her private life, she has always been very jealous of her privacy. However, when a person with her recorded a few seconds of video, the alarm was released, in which the interpreter raised his arms and danced. Saw the scene where she might be pregnant.

Hiba Abouk, pregnant with her second child.  /Gtres
Hiba Abouk, pregnant with her second child. /Gtres

On February 11, 2020, Hiba and his partner football player Ashraf Hakim They became the parents of their first child. The couple started courting in 2018 and have not separated since. When I was pregnant last time, Hiba did not reveal the baby’s gender, but said that there would be an Arabic name, which would be very original, and it was true. That’s why this time it may continue on the same line.

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