HGTV’s Jenn Todryk Shares ‘the Real Soundtrack of Christmas’ While Decorating With Her Husband, Mike

HGTV star Jenn Todryk is like many others gearing up for the holidays, and she took to Instagram to share a behind-the-scenes video of “the real soundtrack of Christmas.” Her hilarious glimpse of ella into their home of ella included jokes about her husband of ella, Mike, and arguing with her children about sweets as they tried to get their gorgeous but enormous tree up.

Jenn Todryk | hgtv

Long before hosting ‘No Demo Reno,’ Jenn met and married Mike Todryk

Jenn wrote about her “love story” with Mike on her Rambling Redhead Blog. They met on August 6th, 2010, then “fell in love and got married” precisely one year after they met. “Our wedding was amazing!” she shared. “It was a week-long party in Mexico…”

Fast forward more than a decade, and they now have three children, a dog, Gary, and Jenn hosts No Demo Reindeer on HGTV. But being famous doesn’t make them unlike the many other couples around this time of year working together to decorate for the holidays.

Jenn Todryk shared ‘the real soundtrack of Christmas’ on Instagram

Jenn told her fans she was letting them on the “real soundtrack of Christmas” when she shared a video of her and Mike putting together their enormous tree. She supervised from below, sometimes making jokes. “Aw look, it’s a little elf on the shelf,” she noted at one point as he perched on a mantle.

As Mike tried to get the top piece of the tree on, their kids came in to ask for sweets after dinner. “Hold on,” Jenn eventually told their youngest, toddler daughter Vivienne, who argued that two more bites were too many to earn a treat.

“Your dad’s trying not to die. Stop asking me about a cookie,” Jenn told her as she returned to help steady the ladder. At the end, the tree was up, and they discovered it had features they didn’t even know about. The dog ate Vivienne’s cookie, but fortunately, there was another.

“Enjoy the magical process,” Jenn captioned the instagram post.

“So much going on. I wish I could tell you that it was just a crazy day, but in fact, ’twas a very normal day in the Todryk household,” she added. “This is the real soundtrack of Christmas.”

Jenn Todryk asked for fans’ advice on using Christmas garland for the first time

Todryk took to instagram again after she hung garlands from the staircase in her home. “Should I add white berry sprigs or keep it all naturals with the green,” she asked her fans of her. “That is the question for tonight.”

She added, “First time I’ve ever had garland in this house! It feels like the staircase is wearing a ball gown.”

“Are you team garland, or is it too much for you?” she wondered. And her fans of her responded in the replies, primarily by telling her the garland should stay.

But Mike also had an idea he shared in his comments. “Add real berries,” he suggested. “Maybe a mixture of raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry. Not only will it look good…it will let me get a healthy snack on the way to the bedroom.”

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