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when i see HeyBike Electric Bike, I wonder why the tires are big and fat. But these bikes can go anywhere, and the pebbles in the road won’t knock you over. Now that e-bikes are everywhere, I prefer cycling.

My brother has been riding and I’m not as fit as his, but thanks to HeyBike we can ride together. It was fun to provoke him over a steep hill, and going down a steep hill is no longer scary for me.

During this year’s 4th of July parade, it felt safer to pull the girls behind the HeyBike in a child’s trailer – because the bigger HeyBike was visible and the bike was noticed.I’ve had a lot of people stop and look at the HeyBike and ask if it’s a smooth ride

easy to assemble

Your new HeyBike electric bike is easy to assemble. Someone in the office helped me, but I realized that if I had no choice, I could do it myself. But it’s more fun to play with friends, and it’s fun to put the bike together.

There is a video on the website that you can watch as you work, but the included instructions are perfect.

HeyBike removable battery

I feel safer leaving the battery on the bike rather than taking it to the office to charge because I’m absolutely sure if I take it in, I’ll leave it there or lose it. I like that the battery has a key lock for added security.

Seriously, 28mph is really cut off and it takes a long time to charge

HeyBike 750W, 28mph
HeyBike 750W, 28mph

I don’t usually go faster than 20 or 21 mph – especially uphill – but if you want to have more speed, that’s great.

HeyBike Twist Grip Accelerator
HeyBike Twist Grip Accelerator

I like the throttle. Cornering is a more natural movement than pushing my other bike.

you will love step by step

The bike rides smoothly. I’m not sure if I want this step, but especially with kids I’m walking around a lot to check their needs.This Crane Bike Can handle a rear rack and 120-pound gear. You can also use the front basket to balance the load. Both options are practical and make driving a pleasure.

Deanna Ritchie

Deanna Ritchie

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