Here’s how Italy welcomes Meloni’s victory: ‘It’s unbelievable that the far right is the reference’


Italy there will be a far right government, the first in its republican history. While this has been an advanced scenario in polls in recent weeks, this Monday the Trans-Alps woke up to a different country, I can not only change my destiny, but the situation in the rest of the EU.Voting closes at 11:00pm on Sunday, so counting night is already long, but Italians know the far right has gone to bed Georgia Mellonithe leader of the Italian Brotherhood (HDI) will be his next prime minister.

It’s hard to see why Italians would want Draghi’s continuity while betting on a nationalist coalition.The answer lies precisely in the parties, each one has lost the strength of his own identity and the Italians find it difficult to digest [próxima] Draghi’s departure was due to the incompetence of all formations supporting him; The Italian Brotherhood (HDI) has always been an escape option.

This Italian Brotherhood Leader Georgia MeloniIs The country’s new prime minister and first woman to hold the position. The Roman leader has been a protagonist since his predecessor left Mario Draghi. In recent weeks, all the lights have been pointed at her because Clearly prefers to manage the EU’s third-largest economy.

The first prediction, based on the proportion of actual votes, the upper house is ready.They gave Meloni’s far-right Italian brother 24.6% of the votethe center-left Democratic Party is the second party 19.4%. Five Star Sports ranked third, 16.5%Crucially for Meloni, however, his Liga and Forza Italia partners received 8.5% and 8% respectively. This gives you what you need most.

“I voted Georgia Melloni because other leaders no one convinces me‘, he admitted Luciana, 42a bakery worker in Rome’s Trastevere district: “They made a lot of promises in this campaign, but when they were in government, they already had the opportunity to fulfill their plans.” He added: “However, Meloni has never been an executive since he was founded. Italian Brotherhood (HDI)‘, a formation that saw the light for the first time a decade ago and has never been a partner of any government in Italy.

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In fact, at the street level, two factors are good for Meloni’s future: on the one hand, his party has no political “past” within the Italian government that cannot deliver on its promises; on the other hand, the Italian Brotherhood (HDI ) leaders have spent their lives in politics, as if Familiar enough for Italiansgiven that they have seen it in public for over a decade, when they joined Silvio Berlusconi, She was at the time the youngest minister in the history of the Italian Republic.

This The importance of Melloni’s electoral boom will not only reverberate between the right and the leftbut also within the Conservative leadership: “In my opinion, Meloni is now more powerful than Salvini because the latter It has lost its most popular moment.“, explain Marco, 54-year-old taxi driverhis vehicle was driving high in Piazza Venezia; a reference to the coalition leader who sparked a government crisis in August 2019, using his 34 percent advantage in opinion polls to unsuccessfully take over the country’s chief executive.

At that moment, when humanitarian ship open arms Got the attention of half the Europeans because it’s still less than 1km adrift. the coast Lampedusa No access to the port due to refusal by then-Minister of the Interior Salvini; the coalition leaders could not imagine two historical rivals, anti-establishment 5-star movement (M5E) and socialists Democratic Party (PD) They will keep their differences to stop the boss lawyer Come to host the Kiji Palace.

Northern League leader Matteo Salvini in the closing elections on Sunday.


Today an alliance between M5E and PD would be unimaginable, at least not now, as today is led by M5E Giuseppe Contewhich brought down the executive branch that was still serving as prime minister this summer, Mario Draghi; In fact, Enrico Letta’s PD can’t be forgiven cricket“What’s the use of voting for anyone on the left if the most powerful parties, PD and M5E, promise they will never align themselves?”, he admitted. Janney, 48from the kiosk near St. Peter’s Basilica: “If I generally don’t like the right side and the left side is split, that’s why I stay at home”Gianni said, acknowledging that he has always been a loyal left-wing voter.

Indeed, the split in the Italian left was stark thanks to the fall of Mario Draghi last July: “Any party is not worth a penny,” said Francesca, owner of a laundromat near Prati, Very close to the Vatican.“If they manage to get the most respected Italian in the world to resign, it’s a clear example of all parties focusing only on their electoral interests, regardless of the fate of Italy. It doesn’t surprise me at all that people voted for Meloni, the only one who wasn’t as involved as the rest of Mario Draghi’s government of national unity.”

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At a time when Europe’s eyes are on Italy, it is remarkable how the Trans-Alps continues to appreciate Draghi’s image at street level. people of institutionshis administration began and ended with the inability of the entire Italian party to be an active builder of the country’s political life: “You just have to see how Draghi was killed”, a common phrase for the past eight weeks separating his resignation from this election weekend.Paradoxically, the project technocrat Mario Draghi’s lack of leadership as an expert economist and Italian party elevated the previous president’s stature. European Central Bank (ECB) belongs to the category of politicians.

“It is unbelievable that the moderate Italian right has disappeared, both in the government and in the opposition, and the far right has become the frame of reference for Italy”, Davide explained at his bookstore near Via del Corso. Davide commented that this is key to the future of the country and Europe.The idea that the vast majority of conservatives in parliament are nationalists in this boot-shaped country suggests that things are changing: “We must not forget that he was European Union‘, Davide commented after finishing some books.



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