Here is the spectacular Christmas menu Dabiz Muñoz at home only available in Madrid

If you live in Madrid and this Christmas you want to enjoy a different menu, Dabiz Muñoz launched an exclusive pack by GoXO, his food delivery project which is a complete success. It has to be ordered in advance via the Glovo app, and it is sent only for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve dinners in the capital.

Dabiz Muñoz’s Christmas menu

The GoXo’s menu for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve is for two people and consists of the following dishes:

  • Sour orange seafood cream with river crabs, Joselito jowls and smoked gnocchi.
  • Pepitoria guinea fowl cannelloni, Huancaína bechamel sauce, ‘carbonara’ bacon and creamy, truffled guinea fowl jus.
  • White beef shank cooked for 48 hours with ‘Japanese kare’ jus.
  • Robuchon-style mashed potatoes with sichimi togarashi, vegetable couscous and grilled trumpets with Japanese lemons.
  • Pedroche cheesecake.

The price of the box is 225 euros. Dabiz Muñoz himself defines the one named “XO Christmas Box” as a “a real hedonistic feast for both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve”.

You can get it at the glovo app, and will be available on December 24 and 31, coinciding with Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve respectively. The box will be distributed between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. To save on shipping costs, you can also pick up the box directly from the Madrid location.

Christmas proposals

Dabiz Muñoz has also launched a selection of nougats imagined by himself which are on sale at the Gourmet Club of El Corte Inglés at a price of 16.50 euros each. The Xo assortment is made up of three nougats that repeat from last year (popcorn, cereal and Pedroche cheesecake) and three novelties (strawberry and cream whipped cream, egg and waffle flan and salted caramel waffle ).

In addition, you can already book the Roscón Xo to pick up on Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve or Three Kings. The ‘Roxcon’ is made with brioche dough and citrus fruits. The filling is composed of whipped cream with passion fruit and mascarpone, poppy seeds and chilli dulce de leche sauce.

The roscón is covered with a coconut crumble and a white chocolate and passion fruit sauce, decorated with cubes of candied ginger, cereal balls and crystallized rose and violet. It has a price of 45 euros.