Here are the best places to smoke cannabis and watch a movie in Los Angeles.


FROMannabis, weed, pot, marijuana, ganja, herb, refrigerated, mary jane, chiba chiba, or whatever you want to call it, have been gradually legalized in many states of the United States, and since many people use this plant as a medical use, that for recreational purposes, it was only a matter of time before venues were opened to celebrate cannabis culture.

Los Angeles is always in the top five most cannabis-using cities.

The Montalbn Theater is located in Hollywood and its rooftop is used to screen movies that are staples of the cannabis culture, drug addicts know that weed and movies go hand in hand like peas and carrots, and the Montalbn administration knows that creating the perfect environment is profitable. people can get together and correct.

Rico Montañez and James Jordan are the chief executives of the Cannabis & Movie Club in charge of these events, which must sail the legal seas of what is and isn’t allowed.

It is difficult to host an event that promotes use, even if it is legal.

“Enforcing consistency as well as finding a commercial location that has a large insurance package and is willing to take a chance on this particular idea is extremely difficult,” Jordan notes. “It’s not that there aren’t entrepreneurs who will brandish a bat, it’s that they don’t have the legal strategy and structure that we’ve spent a lot of time creating to attract brands, especially big brands, that won’t get involved if there is no appropriate legal framework.

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Prohibition or not

Professor Robert Solomon, who is co-chair of the UC Irvine Center for Cannabis Studies, adds his experience, saying that “In California, laws allow localities to veto any cannabis within their jurisdiction. Eighty percent of the state does not have cannabis geographically, in this case Los Angeles has no specific prohibition. I understand that the club is trying to comply with the laws of the state, or, in other words, not violate the laws of the state. It means it can’t be public so they create a club, it has to be out of sight so they do it on the roof.”


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