Henry Ruggs III Defense: Firefighters Late in Putting Out the Fire


TO a witness said that firefighters were slow to put out a fire in a car following a fatal accident in which authorities blame Las Vegas Raiders Wide successor of Henry Ruggs III, his lawyers say in the trial record.

Ruggs, 22, is charged with a pre-dawn drunk-driving accident at speeds up to 156 mph with his girlfriend in a Corvette sports car. The team released him a few hours after the crash.

The funeral of Tina Tintor

Raider owner Mark Davis was seen among more than 100 people attending Thursday’s funeral for the deceased woman, Tina Tintor, in Serbian Orthodox Church of Saint Simeon in Las Vegas. This was followed by private burials at a cemetery in Las Vegas.

Tintor family members did not plan to publicly comment on her memorials, said Sarah Thornton, spokeswoman for Farhan Naqvi family attorney.

The firefighters did not try to extinguish the fire.

Henry Ruggs III Lawyers

Tintor, 23 years old, emigrated from g. Serbia she graduated from high school in Las Vegas as a child and worked at the Target store. A friend told reporters last week that Tintor wanted to become a computer programmer and was close to obtaining US citizenship. Her dog Max also died in an accident and fire.

The witness’s argument

“The firefighters did not try to extinguish the fire in Ms. Tintor’s car for about 20 minutes, after which the entire car was engulfed in flames,” the lawyers say. David Chesnoff and Richard Schonfeld a court file said Wednesday that does not identify their witness.

Lawyers require a court order to obtain Clark County Fire Department records of the pre-dawn accident and the November 2 fire. The court session was scheduled for November 17.

County Representative, Eric dad, said in a statement Thursday, “there were no delays in responding or attacking the fire.”

“The captain at the scene reported that the vehicle was completely involved in the fire upon arrival and no one could survive in the passenger compartment,” the statement said.

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