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Madrid, December 9 (EFE).- The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) forecasts for tomorrow, Saturday, probable heavy rains in the Strait and in the north of the Balearic Islands, as well as intense winds on the coasts and the southeastern mountains, the Ebro Valley, Ampurdán and in the northern part of the Balearic archipelago.

On Saturday there will be slightly cloudy skies in the extreme southeast of the peninsula and in the Valencian Community, while a cloudy day or with cloudy intervals is expected in the rest of the areas, with the possibility of some precipitation scattered and generally weak at dawn. , with a tendency to send in the morning.

The rains will be unlikely in the western third of the peninsula and more persistent and intense in the northeast of the Betic system, especially in the north of the Balearic Islands and in the area of ​​the strait, where they can become locally heavy and moderate. accompanied by thunderstorms.

In the Canaries there is also a risk of occasional showers in the western islands.

The snow level in the Peninsula will be in the north between 1,000/1,500 meters down to 600/900 meters; it will reach about 1,200/1,400 meters in the center and reach 2,000/2,200 meters in the south.

Rise in daytime temperatures on the coasts of the south-east of the peninsula, without change in the Canary Islands, and drop in the rest, locally notable in the area around the lower Ebro and in the eastern Cantabrian Sea.

The night values ​​will experience a general decrease, which will become noticeable in the northeast of the territory and in the Balearic Islands, except in the Canary Islands, where they will increase.

Generally light frosts will occur in the mountain systems of the northern half, which can become locally heavy in the Pyrenees.

Wind, generally light, from the north in the Bay of Biscay and on the Galician coasts, from the south and southwest in the Canary Islands, and from the west in the rest. It will be more intense in the eastern third of the peninsula and on the Andalusian coasts, where strong intervals or very strong gusts will be recorded on the coasts and in the high areas of the southeast, around the middle and lower Ebro, Balearic Islands and in Ampurdán, where he will come from the north.


-GALICIA: cloudy or overcast, except for cloudy intervals during the central hours of the day, although in the southeast of the community and on the north coast, overcast skies will prevail all the time. Mists and fog banks likely in the morning and evening. Isolated light rains are not excluded at the beginning of the day on the Cantabrian coast and at the end of the day in the south of the municipality. Falling temperatures, which will only be light in the event of a maximum in the northern third. Light frosts isolated in the mountainous regions of the south-east. On the coasts, northeast winds which will tend to be weak from north in the afternoon then from east to north; in the interior, light wind with a predominance of the northern component, which in the afternoon will tend to be light variable.

-ASTURIAS: overcast at the beginning and end of the day with cloudy periods the rest of the time. Early in the day, banks of fog in the mountains. At dawn, weak precipitation in the mountains, without excluding them in an isolated and weak way on the coast in the afternoon and at night. Snow level at dawn between 800 and 900 meters in Cantabria. Decreasing minimum temperatures, and maximum temperatures unchanged or slightly decreasing. Light frosts in the upper areas of the mountain range. Variable light wind inside; On the coast, it will blow from the northeast at the start of the day and in the afternoon from the northwest, with a variable light wind during the central hours of the day.

-CANTABRIA: cloudy sky with opening of some clearings in the afternoon on the coast. Morning mist likely in the interior with fog banks in the upper interior. Weak precipitation at dawn, especially in the interior. Snow level around 700 meters, which will increase throughout the day. Falling temperatures. Weak frosts in the mountains, locally more intense at altitude. Light northerly winds, a little more intense on the coast at the start of the day, with variable tendencies.

-BASQUE COUNTRY: cloudy sky at the beginning of the day until attenuating to cloudy, with clearings in the afternoon in the northern half. Isolated mists and fog banks early in the day. Light rain at the beginning of the day, especially in the mountainous areas west of Gipuzkoa and northwest of Álava. Snow level around 600/700 meters. Drop in temperatures, which will be noticeable in the interior of Biscay and Guipúzcoa. Isolated weak frosts in the northern mountains and Urbasa. The northerly winds, which will be weak in the interior, will ease at noon on the coast and will tend to be more or less weak in the afternoon throughout the territory.

-CASTILLA Y LEÓN: Cloudy or covered with light scattered precipitation likely, especially at dawn, which will become general in the southwest at the end of the day. In the northern half, snow level dropping from 1,200/1,400 meters to 800-1,000; to the south it will drop from 1,600/1,900 to 1,100/1,300 meters. Mountain fog banks. Falling temperatures. Frosts in the mountain area, which will be more important at the end of the day, when their appearance in the high areas of the northern half of the plateau is not excluded. Northerly winds with a tendency to lose variables.

-NAVARRA: overcast at dawn with a tendency after cloudy periods. Fog banks in the early morning on the northern heights. Weak morning rainfall in the Baztán region, in the northwest mountains and in the Pyrenees. Precipitation can occur in the form of snow in the Pyrenees at almost any level at dawn and in the rest from 500/600 meters. Minimum temperatures down noticeably, except in the Ribera del Ebro; descending maximums, which will be notable in the extreme northwest. Widespread light frosts in the northern half, more intense in the high points of the Pyrenees. Light northwesterly wind, with intervals in the southern half which, at the end of the day, will tend to be variable.

-LA RIOJA: cloudy or covered with morning precipitation, with a tendency to cloudy intervals, until the rains stop in the afternoon. Snow level increasing from 1,200/1,400 meters to 800/1,000. Temperatures falling. Weak frosts, preferably in the mountains. Northwest winds, with some strong gusts at noon in the Rioja Baja, with a tendency to weak variables in the afternoon.

-ARAGÓN: cloudy or covered with precipitation, which will diminish during the morning, and with a tendency to little cloudiness. Snow level at 1300/1500 m. Mists and morning fog banks in lows. Locally noticeable falling temperatures, with lows at the end of the day and frosts in the Pyrenees, low in neighboring areas and in the tips of the Iberian Peninsula. In the Ebro Valley, moderate to strong westerly and northwesterly winds, with very strong gusts in its eastern half and in the rest, weak to moderate westerly winds.

-CATALONIA: cloudy or overcast with precipitation in the interior and showers on the coast, sometimes with an isolated thunderstorm, which will subside and tend to be slightly cloudy in general during the morning. Snow level at 1300/1500 meters. Mists and fog banks in the morning. Decreasing temperatures locally noticeable, with lows at the end of the day and frosts in the Pyrenees, weak in points of the rest of the interior of the northern half. In the extreme northeast and in the southern third, moderate to strong wind from the north and northwest with very strong gusts; in the rest, weak to moderate westerly wind.

– EXTREMADURA: cloudy or overcast with probable formation of fogs and fogs in the morning. Light and scattered precipitation, which will become general and intensify at the end of the day. It can snow in Gredos above 1,600/1,800 meters. Temperatures down slightly. Light frosts are not excluded in the high areas of the central system. West winds.

-COMMUNITY OF MADRID: cloudy or overcast with opening of some clearings during the central hours of the day. Light rain and scattered showers in the early hours of the day. Mists and fogs in mountain areas. Snow level at 1,600 meters up to 1,200/1,400 meters. Minimum temperatures down slightly and maximum unchanged. Slight frosts in the high elevations of the sierra. Light northwesterly wind, veering to southwest in the morning.

-CASTILLA-LA MANCHA: cloudy or overcast with opening of some sunny spells during the central hours of the day. During the first half of the day, rain and showers, more frequent in the south and east of the town, which will ease from midday. At the end of the day, light rain over the western third. Snow level between 1,200/1,400 meters to the northeast. Minimum temperatures falling in the northeast and with little change in the rest, with a predominance of slight drops. Maximum temperatures unchanged or slightly decreasing. In the northeast, wind with a northerly component, generally weak, which will turn to the southwest in the afternoon; in the rest, westerly and northwesterly winds, with strong intervals in Albacete, and with a westerly and southwesterly trend at the end of the day.

-COMMUNITY OF VALENCIA: cloudy without excluding light precipitation in the interior in the morning, with a tendency to slightly cloudy in the afternoon. Falling temperatures, with lows at the end of the day. North of Castellón, a strong northwesterly wind, with very strong gusts, and a weak to moderate westerly and northwesterly wind in the rest.

– REGION OF MURCIA: sky with cloudy periods, without excluding scattered precipitation during the first half of the day, more likely in the northwest until cloudy at the end of the day. Little changed temperatures. Westerly winds.

-BALEARIC ISLANDS: in Mallorca and Menorca, cloudy skies with showers sometimes accompanied by thunderstorms and with a low probability that they will be locally strong, which will subside in the afternoon. In Ibiza and Formentera, cloudy periods with a low probability of isolated precipitation. Falling temperatures. West and southwest wind with strong intervals, which will shift to north and northwest during the morning.

-ANDALUSIA: Cloudy skies with precipitation in the Betic Mountains and in the Strait region during the first half of the day; Isolated light showers are not excluded in the rest, which will be unlikely in the Far East, on the Mediterranean side and in Huelva. It will change to overcast skies from west to east during the afternoon, without excluding end-of-hour precipitation in the western third. Decrease in minimum temperatures; rising on the Mediterranean side, and unchanged or falling on the rest. Strong westerly winds with very strong gusts on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean and on the eastern highlands, which will ease during the afternoon.

-CANARY ISLANDS: cloudy periods with a tendency from noon, from west to east, to cloudy skies with a predominance of medium and high type clouds. Some weak and occasional rains are not excluded on the most raised islands, in particular on the south-western slopes. Slightly rising temperatures, more pronounced than that of the maximum in the high areas of the islands of greater relief. Light southwesterly wind, with moderate intervals, and breezes on the northeast coasts. In the central peaks of Tenerife, it will blow with a moderate westerly component, with strong intervals during the second half of the day.


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