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Dogs and cats aren’t the only ones suffering from the heat. While France is again on alert with temperatures approaching 40°C, wildlife finds itself particularly vulnerable. 30millionsdamis.fr will guide you on how to help them based on the advice of Faune Alfort and the LPO.

They do not complain, but suffer equally. Faced with the hot summer months, our wild animals like dogs and cats can quickly find themselves without a solution. That’s why everyone can contribute at their own scale, helping them when they need it.

What to do when dealing with animals in distress

Among the main victims of this heatwave, birds and small mammals deserve special attention. ” All animals are affected by this heata Faune Alfort spokeswoman said. Species are indistinguishable, and each has its own specificity. For example, the Swift is an extremely fragile and fragile animal. If he falls to the ground, he cannot turn back. It is absolutely necessary to entrust it to an expert. No matter what kind of wild animal it is, there are very important precautions you need to take when you find it in trouble: Minimize contact with animals to avoid stress or injury to themdetailing Faune Alfort. When in doubt, it’s best to delegate it to a center, if you have one nearby. Let’s not forget that the possession of wild animals is prohibited. »

Here are the suggestions below if an animal is found in distress Fauna Alfort :

  • Always handle him very gently in case he gets hurt and avoid stress as little as possible.
  • You can lightly throw a cloth over the bird to catch the bird.
  • Mount the animal in a safe container, such as newspaper at the bottom, in a temperate location that is not particularly cold
  • Leave the water in the container, but in small amounts to avoid possible drowning.
  • Most importantly, do not force the animal to drink water until it calms down
  • Leave him alone and don’t ask him.
  • Once the animal gets better, it starts to become restless and tries to leave. It should be released at the end of the day after the heat has subsided.let it go

Keep a water container within the reach of animals

During a heatwave, don’t hesitate to provide fresh water to birds in containers. ©AdobeSock/Lisa Holder

The most useful gestures are also the easiest in the heat. Everyone can put fresh water in a container or windowsill in the garden. ” Ideally, increase the number of available water pointshighlighting Nicolas Macaire, who heads the Alliance for Bird Conservation (LPO) sanctuary. Most importantly, it should not be too dark or too smooth. 3 to 5 cm of water is sufficient. It’s important to know that a bird needs water all year round to keep it hydrated and clean its feathers. »

‘s suggestion LPO For birds and also for small mammals:

  • Arrange sinks in gardens that are not deep or smooth; basins, for example, are not advisable. You can take a trash can lid and turn it upside down. There are also resin containers.
  • The water temperature should be room temperature, but the container should be placed in the shade to keep cool.
  • Change the water every day, preferably in the morning, to avoid mosquito breeding.

With all these tips, it’s now easier for you to save your most vulnerable animals.


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