Health and doctors meet this Tuesday for the strike in health centers


Madrid (EFE) has ten minutes per patient and treats 35 patients a day.

This will be the second negotiation meeting, which will take place at the General Directorate of Human Resources of the Madrid Health Service, located at Calle de Sagasta, 6, at 4:00 p.m., after last Friday, which ended without an agreement and in which the regional government has reached out to continue developing the primary care improvement plan, promoted in 2021 with an endowment of 200 million euros, while Amyts stressed that it is impossible to improve the situation of the centers zero-cost healthcare.

Amyts called for an indefinite strike by 4,240 family doctors and 720 pediatricians in health centers in the Community of Madrid starting at 08:00 a.m. this Monday, due to “work overload, endless agendas and lack of time to care for patients.

The union described the follow-up of the indefinite strike started on Monday as “extremely high and historic”, while the Ministry of Health estimated it at 31% in the morning and 29% in the afternoon.

10 minutes per patient

The regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, called for an end to the strike, citing the increase in cases of influenza, bronchiolitis and diseases related to cold and closed spaces, which could saturate Madrid hospitals.

Health Minister Enrique Ruiz Escudero stressed that the strikes can never be considered “a success for all that they entail”.

Ruiz Escudero showed his intention to work with Amyts on two pieces of information: time per patient, which is ten minutes per user, and 35 patients per working day.

“On this position, we will work with them because an assessment of all primary care must be done. The behavior is not homogeneous. There are health centers that take care of many more patients and a very detailed vision must be made,” the adviser said.

Doctors outside the EU

In addition, he pointed out, it changes the line of work of the Primary Care Improvement Plan because the remuneration of professionals was in line with productivity thanks to a system of modules and it is also necessary to speak of the extensions of the working day. “It’s a change because 35 patients are going to be taken care of, if that’s the number that remains per schedule, per doctor and per shift,” he added.

“It’s a very detailed job and we hope we can reach this agreement for the good of all,” he insisted.

Among the measures to promote an increase in the number of professionals, he cited the Omnibus law which will allow non-European doctors trained in Spain to remain in the country, removing the requirement of Spanish nationality for their employment in the health service. from Madrid. , as well as the negotiation of Public Job Offers.


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