He was shot while trying to rob a car escorted by the mayor of São Paulo (Brazil)


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Fear and death Sao pauloThe police responsible for the safety of the mayor of Brazil, Ricardo NunezThey fired at two robbers who tried to rob a car belonging to the regidor’s entourage. It happened at 6 o’clock in the morning last Wednesday, on a street in the south of the city, in front of the politician’s house, near Socorro.

One of the two accused criminals died on the spot and was shot to death by a bodyguard. The other managed to escape.

As Nuñez told CNN’s Brazilian delegation, the perpetrator of the shooting was one of the people responsible for protecting the environment around his home.

According to a press release issued by the Public Security Secretariat of the Sao Paulo City Hall, it was confirmed that “police intervention resulted in death”, Two robbers They approached the car on a motorcycle that was parked on the road and announced that they were armed. They planned to rob the passengers: the two escorts of the mayor.

As the newspaper pointed out Glover, The thief alleged to be able to escape has been identified, But his whereabouts are unknown. The São Paulo State Police Inspector told the newspaper that the act of killing one of the robber’s bodyguards was “very technical” and correct.


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