He is today’s guest of ‘El Hormiguero’, who is already a musical legend


the anthill Tonight he will receive one of the most famous guests of his big week. Paul Motorcycles will sit with one of singers the most mythical of our current scene and who is already a legend of music in Spanish. It’s the today’s guest.

Trancas and Barrancas will have by their side the singer of the group Fangoria, who will be published next Friday, November 18 the EP called ex-teacher. This work will be the third in a trilogy that began with Pop existentialism and pagan buildings.

As the band announces, this is the most varied sounding album in this trilogy, mixing styles such as house, glam, techno and rock in its songs. As usual, Alaska will go alone to the anthill without his partner Nacho Canut, who avoids going to promotional interviews as much as possible.

Mario Vaquerizo’s wife will surely have more than one anecdote about her husband, who was collaborator of the program in the past and is also one of the guests who repeated the most.


But the music is not the only project in hand that the singer has at the moment. a few weeks ago became the godmother of a curious initiative of the Wax Museum of Madrid, lend your image to advertise a new domain.

the guest of the anthill is the muse of Wax Horror Experiencea new area full of scenery and figures of well-known horror movies The Shining, Psycho, Vu Yes Warren expedite.

In addition, characters like Hannibal Lecter, Jack the Ripper or Pennywise the clown from Articleall the classics from the world of terror that They will surely delight the most fans of this cinematographic genre.


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