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Street artist A-MO brings nature back to everyday life thanks to the animal paintings on the walls of Bordeaux and other Gironde towns. He has been passionate about animals since he was a child, and calls on young people to get acquainted with nature as soon as possible.

An egret at an oyster farmer’s hut in Bassin d’Arcachon, a gazelle pretending to drink in front of a swimming pool, or a giraffe watching passersby.colorful animals wherever they are from A-MO is sensational.

“Improvised and Unexpected Encounters”


The street artist brings nature’s inhabitants back to life by integrating them into our daily lives. ” By painting animals, especially in the heart of cities, I put animals and nature where they are no longer to be found.the Bordeaux painter explained. By doing so, I create impromptu and unexpected encounters. »

fascinated” Nature and animals from a very young age “, A-MO developed” A style characterized by vivid features and fairly dynamic rendering The superposition of labels of different sizes, shapes and colors made it well known in the area. He continued this tradition without locking himself in. Just as he was not limited to urban support.

His first drawings of animals left him fond memories. It’s about “orangutans in abandoned places”. ” I drew this animal because its configuration suits it wellhe continued. I immediately imagined the animal clinging to a place. Place has to inspire me. Context plays an important role in authoring. »

“Let young people be familiar with nature”


if not” Those who think art will change the world “, A-MO is still sure it can” Let people observe nature through different prisms “.” Feeling emotions leaves an impression in the mindemphasizing the Girondists. This can bring more consideration to the proposed topic. If everyone just started thinking about nature, it would be a big step. We only respect what we think about, what exists. »

A-MO is especially associated with several ” The peaceful coexistence of the human world and the animal world ”. The most important thing is work Sustainably maintain coexistence between different species “. Respect Life All forms should be a priority for all of us ‘ said the plastic surgeon.

The artist has several projects underway, one of which is particularly close to his heart: youth. ” During the summer, I worked with the school and nursery on several projectshe announced. It is very important to familiarize young people with nature as early as possible. keep them interested.Art can play a role at this level “.

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