HBO releases trailer for ‘House of Dragons’, ‘Game of Thrones’ prequel


IIt’s been three years since then game of Thrones came to his conclusion. At least TV serialbecause the original book series is a completely different story.

In fact, the producers of HBO managed to start a new series earlier. George R. R. Martin even finishes his work. dragon house is still in production and a new trailer was recently released to tease it to fans.

Unexpectedly, it raised the expectations of several thousand viewers. The series, which is something of a spin-off prequel, will tell the story of events 200 years ago. game of Thrones.

In a broad sense, it will be dedicated to one of the most important houses in the series: the Targaryens.

HBO has released the trailer for House of Dragons.

Trailer of the series “House of Dragons”

dragon housealso called “House of the Dragon”, based on the book “Fire and Blood”.

It is part of the Martin Collection and was published in November 2018. The series, which is scheduled to premiere on August 21, 2022, could become a new mainstream phenomenon if it manages to pick up the baton from Game of Thrones.

Tens of thousands of viewers and readers are eagerly awaiting its release. Many want to know more about what is.

Those who have already read the book know what will happen, although we may be in for a surprise.

However, it would be a little strange if there was a change, since the ending game of Thrones took this turn only because the literary saga was not finished.

In any case, and returning to the topic under discussion, this trailer is for dragon house you’ve got everything on your toes. Will the series live up to expectations?


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