HBO Max returns to Amazon Prime video channels after contract dispute


Amazon Prime Video subscribers can once again get HBO Max through Prime Video in the US. Amazon and Warner Bros. Discovery have reached a new agreement that will run until at least the end of 2024 to make this happen. Plus, anyone who subscribes to HBO Max through Amazon will get an automatic upgrade to the combined HBO Max/Discovery+ service in 2023, which could be just called “Max.”

HBO Max was originally available for Prime Video members to subscribe to from Prime, but was removed in September 2021 when the two companies couldn’t agree on terms. variety reports that about 5 million people signed up for HBO Max through Prime, so when it was removed, the HBO Max subscriber base took a hit.

However, now things are back to normal as HBO Max is once again available to subscribe from the Prime Video catalog in the US. Warner Bros. Discovery boss Bruce Campbell said the ambition of the The company is making HBO Max available “to the widest possible audience,” and bringing it back on Prime Video helps with that.

HBO Max memberships through Prime Video are $15/month, the same as everywhere else. However, the ad-based tier doesn’t seem to be available.

“We strive to offer customers the best and widest selection of premium content available for their daily viewing experience,” said Prime Video chief Cem Sibay. “Now with the addition of HBO Max again, customers can easily add this subscription and enjoy even more award-winning and fan-favorite entertainment on Prime Video.”

One of the next big HBO Max releases is the video game adaptation of The Last of Us, which arrives on January 15. Check out the latest trailer above.

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