Haya from Jordan: All the keys to her tortuous divorce


Princess Jordan Beach His divorce from Dubai Emir has once again become the focus of attention. A few weeks ago, news broke that the president installed spyware to interfere with communications maintained by his ex-wife, as the Supreme Court’s ruling revealed. Supreme Court of London And now the formal separation process has begun. Before the epidemic, the custody of the couple’s two children had been resolved.

Jordan Beech and Dubai Emir in Ascot/Gtres

The lawsuit began this week, and the princess asked to share part of her ex-partner’s property. The program, which is scheduled to last approximately 10 days, will be conducted by the court’s Judge Moor. Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, Who will have to determine the amount that Haya de Jordan and her two children will receive. The sixth wife of the Dubai Emir, the princess, managed to escape to London after her husband began to suspect that he had an affair with his bodyguard.

newspaper era Point out that in this case, the agreement may break all the plans that have been maintained so far. In 2017, Russian billionaire businessman Farhad Ahmedov had to compensate his ex-wife Tatiana with 532 million euros, which is the highest figure so far.

Jordan Beach
Jordanian Beech/Gtres in File Image

In this new “battle”, Haya will have the Baroness Fiona Shackleton, known as “Steel Mulan”, present. This lawyer is an expert on divorce and has represented Sir Paul McCartney, Prince Carlos And Liam Gallagher. Although it cannot be confirmed, it is believed that the Baroness had also tapped the phone on Emil’s order, as Judge Andrew McFarlane pronounced on October 6. The prince denied knowing the details. Although Emil first tried to control the spread of the details of the case, he ultimately failed to prevent the media from reporting the development. For now, we will have to wait a few days to see the judge’s decision on asset allocation.

Jordan Beach
Jordan Beech and Queen Elizabeth/Gtres

New life in London

Regardless of how the financial problems of separation are resolved, the fact is that Haya de Jordan currently lives a relatively peaceful life in London.This situation is due in part to his brother’s help. Currently King AbdullahHelp the princess serve as a safety net for the deputy head of the mission at the Jordanian Embassy in the UK. As a member of the diplomatic corps, Haya now has immunity and protection not only to herself, but also to her children, which allows her to get rid of any kind of danger or threat.

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