Hawaiian sweaters: the summer trend that you have time to show off


If there is one good thing about fashion, it is that it always comes back. This cyclical effect makes the trends that hit hard one day and disappeared overnight make an appearance again. That’s the case Hawaiian shirts. They say it is the most controversial thing in the world for its groundbreaking style and disrespectful spirit, but the truth is that it has recently taken over international catwalks and streets. And they will have something when he takes them himself David Beckham.

Let’s make a brief contextualization before giving in to some of the shirts that strike the most among influencers. Why are they so popular with the male audience? Your association with summer and holidays may have something to do with it. Its appearance dates back to the 20th and 30s of the twentieth century in Hawaii. But of great importance was Koichiro Miyamoyo, a tailor in Honolulu who started sewing patterned shirts from the fabrics used to make kimonos, and who would market them in the magazine as “Aloha sweaters”. However, the patent is held by Ellery Chun, who saw that Hawaiian citizens used them a lot and did business. So he founded King-Smith Clothiers and patented the brand in 1937. Between these two names, they still promoted its commercialization today.

The cinema has done a great service for Hawaiian shirts since they started wearing such famous faces from the 50’s onwards. Al Pacino, Tom Selleck, Leonardo Dicaprio or even Elvis Presley himself.

At present, this garment is usually seen in both day and night plans and it is common for the most important brands on the market to have one in their catalog. Its main partner in an “outfit” is a short or long jeans. But beware, with tailored pants and “sneakers” you can create a winning look.

When it comes to patterns, there are all kinds and colors, freedom is given, but there is a pattern that repeats itself: the sleeve falls to the elbow. In the same way, there are those who choose to wear them fastened and those who prefer not to use buttons and show an undershirt inside.

In short, the possibilities are many and varied. How about we explore some of the big stores to show you some that you can still buy. Even though the month of August is at the equator, there are still weeks of heat where you can wear Hawaiian shirts to showcase one of the season’s most groundbreaking trends. You dare?

Casual shirt with floral print from Zara: 12.99 euros
Disney shirt with animated print: 25.99 euros / Zara
Disney shirt with animated print: 25.99 euros / Zara
Mango shirt for men, reduced from 28.99 to 19.99 euros / Mango
Mango shirt for men, reduced from 28.99 to 19.99 euros / Mango
Hawaiian shirts are also sold on Amazon at affordable prices
Hawaiian shirts are also sold on Amazon at affordable prices

Do not know how to put it on with a set? Attention.

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