Have You Heard That Bingo Is Back With Revenge?


Grab your grandma’s favorite sweater and a bunch of friends, because bingo is back, baby! From the set that was definitely over the 70s to blowing up your TikTok feed now, bingo has ceased to be dated. historical activity.

Easy, sociable, and can make for a great night out even if you’re not a winner.

Of course, perhaps this game is often associated with older people marking their cards in a bingo hall. However, it is high time for such an age discrimination illusion to disappear.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover it’s making a terrific comeback, especially with the Gen Zs. Moreover, it is also featured in many online casinos. no deposit bonus to new and existing players!

OK, what’s the appeal?

If you’ve never set foot in your local bingo hall, you’re missing out. You are ready to have a good time with the people and the abundant food and drink on offer, plus a young and enthusiastic host at the helm of the bingo basket.

A place where you can go with your friends or go by yourself in an afternoon or night when you are bored and want to get out of the house. You experience the excitement of waiting for a win, and if you’re lucky, even get it!

How to play bingo?

Bingo is very easy to play so anyone can get started easily.

You buy one or more 5×5 grid paper grid chips containing one number in each cell (but the center is FREE) and you get a total of 24 numbers.

You buy a new chip or set of chips on each round of bingo. The game then begins with the host rolling a machine to produce a ball with a number on it. You need to see if your receipt contains this number and then stamp it with your jumbo pen.

[Sidenote: The jumbo makers used in bingo are super fun for anyone who has ever been into niche stationery. You’ll love the stamping effect.

The aim of the game is to get the winning pattern on your card with the basic bingo pattern being five numbers in a row, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

If it’s through the centerline, the FREE space is automatically gifted to you. The aim of the game is to call Bingo before anyone else does on the round – since others may also have winning slips! Ooooh the excitement. In other cases, each winner gets a share of the winnings, so check to see what the case is first.

The game may have other patterns on offer to win, like blackout, where the whole grid is marked off, four corners which is as expected, or a custom winning pattern.

Checking which patterns are winners before the game starts ensures that you don’t miss a winning slip.

If you’re still a bit unsure, check out some online bingo first to get you settled into how it works.

Where the real fun starts

The real fun starts when you have LOTS of slips in front of you are scanning quickly with each ball to see if you’re a winner.

You have to be fast and on the ball to not slip up! It can be very rewarding for those who like a bit of a challenge – even if you don’t win.

Drag bingo

More recently, we’ve seen plenty of LGBTQI+ venues hosting Drag Bingo, where the host is – you guessed it – a drag queen.

Rather than being played at a purpose-built center or community center, this type of bingo is generally hosted at licensed venues where it’s a bit more social. If you’re headed to drag bingo be prepared for plenty of raunchy jokes, big laughs, and a boozy time.

Drag bingo is definitely a good place to get started with bingo if you’re more of a ‘let’s hit a bar with friends’ type of person, whereas traditional bingo is more focused on the gaming aspect and you can expect to be mixing it with the oldies.

What about Keno?

Keno looks and feels very similar to Bingo. You have a grid of numbers, a number at a time is drawn, and you need to mark it off as it appears. However, that’s where the similarities end.

For Keno, the numbers are in order, and you select your own numbers on the grid. It’s more like a lottery – just a visual representation instead of straight numbers.

You’ll find Keno at physical casinos rather than bingo games, often in its own separate sitting area. Plenty of people use the Keno space as a bit of a breather between playing the tables or the slots, taking advantage of the more chilled atmosphere to recenter and assess how their gameplay has been going.


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