Hasim Rahman Jr. steps on the scale to prove to Jake Paul that he was in weight and is failing.


BUTafter the insult last week, Hashim Rahman Jr. held an unofficial weigh-in in Brooklyn, New York to prove to his opponent JakePaul, that he would have made weight for their fight this Saturday, which was canceled by a youtuber on the grounds that Rahman was irresponsible and would not put a mark on the scale.

Rahman wanted to justify himself by confirming the groundlessness of Paul’s claims, but failed, stopping scale at 206.6 poundswhen the agreed weight for the fight was 205 lbs.

After all, Paul was right in his argument to cancel the entire show, which was scheduled for Saturday at Madison Square Garden in New York.

How was the cancellation of the show between Paul and Rahman?

In a statement released last Saturday, Paul’s promoter explained that they had agreed to raise the original £200 limit to £205 to make things easier. Rahman to make weight.

However, by following Hasim, they had enough evidence to determine that he would not be able to gain weight.

Rahman was the first experienced opponent that Jake Paul was going to face. However, he never weighed less than 211 pounds during his fight with Damion Reid in 2018.

The cancellation of the fight was a total disaster for Paul due to the fact that Mauricio Suleiman, President World Boxing Councilsaid that if Jake Paul won, he would enter the body rankings, which would give him a title shot.

Also, Rahman was an up-and-comer because Paul originally wanted to fight Tommy Fury, but the Brit was having trouble getting into the US.

So, Paul lost his temper when he decided to give up playing against Rahman:

“First Tommy Fury and now Rahman. Boxers are the hardest to work with. They still lack the professionalism and lack the confidence to fight me.”

Also, to spark the fight, he spoke out to Jake Paul during a sparring session where he is seen running away from the exchange and running around the ring with a reflection:

Never in the history of the sport have you seen someone pull out of a fight because of weight issues. I tell everyone that he just runs and runs. Just watch him,” said Hasim Rahman Jr.


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