Has Deshawn Watson really lost after the tumultuous past few years?


FROMcertainly Deshawn Watsonthe last couple of years have been tumultuoushis name was tarnished by allegations of sexual harassment and he did not take the field during the season.

But Watson should not have missed a single game last season, in fact, he was not even included in the commissioner’s exception list at the time of his investigation. Deshawn Watson’s relationship with the Texans took a turn for the worse when he was asked to be traded from the team in early 2021.

A couple of months later, several massage therapists began accusing Watson of sexual harassment, but Deshawn insisted on not playing again for the Texans, who seemingly unsuccessfully traded him at the time due to his legal troubles.

The team allowed him to stay away from the facility and still receive his full salary, even if he did not participate in the game.

Deshaun Watson has to choose a place to trade

There was a lot of talk this offseason about a Deshawn Watson deal, especially since a resolution seemed close after a grand jury failed to indict him on criminal charges stemming from the charges.

Deshawn Watson had a no-trade clause in his contract with the Texans that allowed him to veto any trade he didn’t like.

The Browns stepped up as last-minute bidders to acquire Watson, but offered him an indefeasible $230 million contract with a full guarantee, which caught the NFL by surprise as the player and his legal battles landed the league’s first ever high-paying, fully guaranteed contract. story.

Deshawn Watson’s contract was drafted in such a way that he would not lose money due to suspension.

David Mulugeta, Deshawn Watson’s agent, must be one of the best in history after he managed to negotiate on Watson’s behalf to wear the Cleveland Browns uniform.

He not only secured the full value of the contract with guarantees, but also ensured that Watson’s actual check payments during his first season were kept to a minimum so that his client lost almost no money if he was suspended. for a full season starting in 2022.

Deshawn Watson received most of his first year salary as a signing bonus, and he only received $1 million for the season, so know that he was suspended for two-thirds of the season, he will only have to forfeit $666,666 of his $230. guaranteed million.

The $5 million fine imposed on him by the NFL could be deducted from the full season salary he received last year when he didn’t play, so naturally some fans and members of the media are wondering if Deshawn Watson really lost anything after his tumultuous last couple of matches. years


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