Harry Potter’s Alexa-like wand that can control lights and appliances


YesSeptember arrived, and with it the annual disappointment of not getting Hogwarts letter. Hundreds of thousands of letters were not sent because they Muggles without any magical powers. Harsh, but real.

Mind you, it looks like they’re going to let us feel like wizards at some point in the next few months regardless, as they’ve just announced an e-wand called “Harry Potter Magic Wand” which can connect with home electronics to function as an Alexa-type device.

Can you imagine turning on the lights in your house with a wave of your wand while singing “Lumos Maxima”? Now you can with this new product created by Wizarding World.

The wand comes with over 50 built-in spells.

In addition to turning the lights and TV on and off, or raising and lowering the volume of our favorite music, this wand will also allow us to engage in magical duels with friends and family, as it has over 50 spells built into it.

Finally, our prayers were answered. Finally, we Muggle Potterheads can feel like wizards!

As for the product’s arrival date, there is nothing in the official announcement, just “Coming Soon”, meaning we can expect it to arrive in the coming months.

A new wand that will let you pair it with your electronic devices and do more than 50 spells. I need it now in my life.


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