Harry Goulart is being sued for sexually harassing the four-year-old son of Cain Velasquez.


TI have a case Cain Velasquezformer mixed martial arts fighter who has been imprisoned since March for shooting at a car in which Harry Goularthis mother and stepfather were driving, you could turn around.

On behalf of his 4-year-old son, Velasquez’s lawyers filed a lawsuit against Harry Gularte, who allegedly abused a young boy between 2021 and 2022.

Heartbreaking Argument

The document, addressed to the California authorities, is signed by a person identifying himself only as the guardian “CV, Jr.” and the text states that “on numerous occasions” Goulart “was sexually assaulted, molested, touched and harassed by CV”.

It is worth noting that the alleged rapist has already been charged with an indecent and depraved act for allegedly child molestation. However, he was shaken off the charges, and thanks to a judge’s order, he was released, and the full burden of the law fell on Cain Velasquez for trying to take justice into his own hands.

Little that is known about Harry Goulart is that he was an employee of Patty’s babysitting in San Martin, California and apparently took care of the little boy.

Punishment for all involved

In a copy of the lawsuit obtained by TMZ Sports, media outlets note that Goulart’s mother and stepfather are also included in the complaint because they owned and operated a facility where several children came in daily for care while their parents were away from work.

In this sense, members of the Goulart family are accused of “facilitating, supporting and allowing their assistants to become victims of Harry’s sexual abuse”.

Now that the whole scandal has flared up, they have stated that even though he lived in the area of ​​the child care center, Harry Goulart was not one of the employees and did not know about the 20 or so children who were enrolled.

Remarkably, no one other than Cain Velasquez’s family reported abuse of their children at Patty’s Daycare.


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