Harry and Meghan Markle close the visit to the US of the princes of Wales


The news around the princes of wales and the Sussex it is overflowing and again faces them. The former are making their first official trip abroad since Elizabeth II died and inherited their brand new title. However it may be, they have come to the United States, the territory where Enrique and Meghan reside. With the possibility of a reunion between them completely ruled out, eyes are focused on the docuseries that will be released about them on December 8 and that promises to shake the foundations of the British Royal Family. What does this mean? That Catalina and Guillermo’s North American tour has been completely relegated to the background.

The news about the Sussexes is much more talked about in the British and American press than about the acts being carried out by the heirs to the British throne. Without going any further, a couple of days ago the whole country paid more attention to the game of ping pong who faced Enrique and Meghan, with whom they promoted the Invictus Games 2023, that of the landing of Catalina and her husband in Boston.

In the video posted on the Instagram account of the games organized by Diana Wales’s youngest son, the couple are seen occupying opposite sides of the ping-pong table before he smiles at Meghan, who nods at her husband. So, Enrique starts the game with a serve. They also gave information about the event: «Are you ready? The incredible experience that is the #InvictusGames is getting closer.” The invictus They will be held from September 6 to 16, 2023 and tickets are already available.

Prince Harry with Meghan Markle in his docuseries / Netflix

The other great current focus around the Sussexes is none other than their Netflix docuseries. In the teaser issued by the platform streaming the duchess is seen crying, while her husband assures that he had to “do everything possible to protect his family.” Through this project, the audience from all over the planet will be able to see how Enrique and Meghan are in the private sphere and “what nobody sees that happens behind closed doors”, according to her words.

The Princes of Wales, Kate and William, in Boston.
The princes of Wales, Kate and Guillermo, in Boston / Gtres

Meanwhile, the princes of Wales try to carry out their work on American soil. One of the first things they did was enjoy an NBA game in the front row, the one that faced the boston celtics against the Miami Heat. This Friday they will preside over the Earthshot Awards gala, with the aim of protecting and restoring nature, fixing the climate, cleaning our air, recovering the oceans and building a world free of waste. Solidarity work that has been completely overshadowed by the rabid news that the Sussexes have and that further aggravates the open wound between brothers.


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