Harry and Meghan are about to visit a school in New York


See more and more frequently Duke of Sussex After he left the British royal family, he made a public comeback. In fact, this Friday, they unexpectedly visited them during their trip to PS 123 Mahalia Jackson Elementary School in Harlem. New York. Very Harry what Megan During their guided tour of the facility, they are very close to the children. In addition, when the Duchess read her own book “Bench” to the second grade class, there was another exciting moment.

Meghan Markle is in her recent public comeback. / Gtres

Like a real storyteller, Markle He was sitting in front of the children, with Prince Charles’ son among them.The story told by Meghan Markle involves the father-son relationship arising from the mother’s vision. According to the author, this story was served by the prince and his son Archie. As inspiration for writing.

Prince Harry visits a school in New York.  /Gtres
Prince Harry visits a school in New York. /Gtres

For this occasion, Duchess of Sussex He chose a suit consisting of straight cashmere pants, oversized jacket and burgundy stiletto heels. As for the hairstyle, he chose the style he usually looks like: loose wavy hair, middle part. For its part, Prince William’s younger brother He chose beige pants, navy blue polo shirt and brown shoes.

Meghan Markle chose red clothing when he was in school.  /Gtres
Meghan Markle chose red clothing when he was in school. /Gtres

During the visit, both parties Prince Harry as Meghan Markle They have always been very excited and very close to the people present. They did not hesitate to express their love in the form of hugs. In addition, they also met with New York University President Meisha Porter (Meisha Porter) to discuss the school’s literacy work.In addition, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex donated two boxes of vegetables to promote Healthy and healthy diet.

Prince Harry's wife told a story to the children of the school visited.  /Gtres
Prince Harry’s wife told a story to the children of the school visited. /Gtres

In this way, they continued the agenda that started last Thursday. They appeared at the observatory located on the 100-102 floors of the World Trade Center, where Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Kathy Hochl were still there. .

In the next few hours, the couple plan to participate in a live global citizenship broadcast on the Grand Lawn of Central Park. This conference aims to clarify the importance of fairness and bring the coronavirus vaccine to all corners of the world. The bill will be broadcast for 24 hours, where they will connect with other cities such as Los Angeles, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Seoul and Sydney.

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