Haring Manggi ‘Chill Lang’ photo inside prison goes viral


Haring Manggi’s photo inside prison goes viral

HARING MANGGI – A photo of the vlogger-rapper arrested inside the prison, dubbed “chill lang” by netizens, has gone viral.

Credits to the rightful owner of the photos.

Daniel Naguit aka Haring Manggi Miguelito Malakas is a rapper as well as a vlogger. He is popular for showing off his money on social media.

Some fans even call him “Tupac ng Pilipinas” because of his “resemblance” to American rapper Tupac Shakur. But before, he was arrested for illegal drugs.

The vlogger-rapper had been arrested before, but was able to post bail. However, he did not appear at the hearings.

This led the authorities to carry out an operation against him with the help of an asset. Naguit was successfully apprehended at a shopping mall in Imus, Cavite, after a months-long manhunt. He is now in the custody of the Pasay City Police.

Haring Manggi stated that he did not receive any notification, so he was unable to attend the hearings. Despite being listed as one of the most wanted in the city of Pasay, he was still able to vlog.

Following his arrest, social media influencer Mark Jayson Warnakulahewa, also known as Makagago, took to the social media site, Facebook, where he posted a photo of Haring Manggi taken inside the prison.

In the photo, “Haring Manggi” can be seen reclining in a hammock. Here is the photo:

As expected, it flooded the comments of netizens. These are the comments of some netizens:

Naguit now faces charges related to illegal drugs. There had apparently been no updates on him as of press time.

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