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Former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone said on Monday that he did not understand the controversy surrounding Max Verstappen winning the title at the expense of Lewis Hamilton. He thinks that the British should not complain.

The last lap of the last Grand Prix of the season Sunday ended with sparks in Abu Dhabi. Since then, the revival has not stopped. After leading 57 laps, Lewis Hamilton was overtaken by Max Verstappen. At the end of the crazy game, it was unbelievableA few minutes later, the Englishman watched his eighth world championship fly away, arousing the anger of the people involved, the Mercedes family and all supporters of the British. Some people even think that Hamilton’s victory was stolen from him, On Monday, the British media responded widely.

But former F1 executive Bernie Ecclestone is not on the side of his countrymen.near Sky newsOn the contrary, he believed that to say that Lewis Hamilton was “stolen” was “complete nonsense.”

“We should not blame the secretary of the course”

Bernie Ecclestone pointing The first round of events. When Max Verstappen tried to overtake Lewis Hamilton, the Mercedes driver overtook his rival in a corner, beyond the track. An unauthorized action (the commissioner did not initiate an investigation) did not annoy the Red Bull team.

“Lewis was not punished for this behavior at all, so he shouldn’t complain too much. These things happen all the time in sports. We shouldn’t blame the tournament director (Michael Massi), he did exactly the right thing,” Eck Reston said. He also believes that the phone call from the German team will be “the worst thing Mercedes can do.” “They will be seen as painful losers,” he continued.

“This is just a combination of environments”

After 57 laps, Max Verstappen used the safety station to get up and put on new tires. This was an undeniable advantage on the track. He overtook Lewis Hamilton on the last lap, which was fatal to the British. “A kind of manipulation,” the defending champion shouted excitedly on the radio. “I really want to know who handled the game and who was smart enough to participate in the game. It’s just a combination of multiple situations,” Bernie Ecclestone continued.

The man who led F1 until 2017 also said that he is happy that Michael Schumacher’s record has not fallen. Lewis Hamilton is still tied with the legendary German driver, each with seven world championship titles. Max Verstappen won the first championship of his career at the age of 24. He was also the first Dutchman to win an F1 championship.

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