Hamilton sends a message to Verstappen regarding the Formula 1 title fight


TI have Formula 1 title battle between Sir Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen As tense as in recent years, the British driver sent a message to his Dutch opponent detailing how difficult it was to win the first title of his career.

Hamilton already won the title seven times, the first of which came in the second season in sports, but with Verstappen since six years without a championship, the pressure is growing and growing.

“My first title? It was terrible”, Hamilton detailed in an interview with Sky Sports F1.

“I didn’t have a great structure around me in terms of management, I wasn’t helped to know how to deal with all these screaming balls being sent at me, I didn’t have all the tools except those in the car. The trip was terrible, but is he six years later?

Lewis Hamilton and Verstappen at the first corner of the US Grand Prix@ MercedesAMGF1

“I was in my sophomore year, I don’t spend a minute thinking about what might and might not distract him.”

Since Honda in its last season as a powertrain supplier in Formula 1, it was expected in the pre-season that Red Bull would have a car much closer to Mercedes Hamilton this term and it turned out to be correct.

The battle for points between the two teams was hot and extremely exciting, and the British rider himself is confident that he is enjoying the challenge after a series of relatively obedient years.

“I expected it to be a roller coaster, it was amazing,” Hamilton added.

Lewis Hamilton supports Black Lives Matter movement

Lewis Hamilton supports Black Lives Matter movement@Lewishamilton

“It was the toughest year on many levels, but there were so many positives and I really, really enjoyed it.

“It could definitely be better in the sense that we lost points, we weren’t always perfect, but you live and learn.”

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