Hamas-linked CAIR New Jersey director avoids talking about 2008 Mumbai jihad attacks


This is the ninth newscast about a rented truck driving through the parking lot of an Islamic center while showing footage of jihad attacks in Mumbai in 2008 that killed 166 people.

It is also the seventh time News12 has covered this story. While we don’t know who did this, or why they did it, or what exactly the billboard said, we do know all about the reaction of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to the billboards.

  1. CAIR has nothing to do with this incident. It’s just advertising management.
  2. Both CAIR and the Middlesex County Muslim Center have associations with Islamic terrorism.
  3. It is CAIR that engages in coordinated acts of intimidation.
  4. Finally, CAIR is bringing the old animosities from India to New Jersey.

Let’s look up CAIR-NJ CEO Selaedin Maksut’s answers to News12’s Alex Zdan’s questions.

zdan: Do you know see this as intimidation bias?

maksut: Intimidation bias but also a form of bullying. It is an attempt to make Muslims feel guilty for a crime they have nothing to do with. A crime that happened many years ago and in a place far from Jersey.

Neither CAIR nor the Middlesex County Muslim Center were involved in the 2008 Mumbai attacks. They also do not live in India. However, both groups have connections to Islamic terrorism.

Before forming CAIR, the organization’s founder and CEO, Nihad Awad, worked at the Islamic Association for Palestine, which was part of the Palestine Committee.

There is a mountain of evidence, including FBI wiretaps, intercepted phone conversations, written correspondence, videos, financial records, including canceled checks and bank statements, and even family ties, the whole gamut, showing that the Palestinian Committee provides assistance to Hamas, including money. , both before and after 1995, when Hamas was declared a terrorist group by the US government. Look here.

The Islamic Association for Palestine changed its name to American Muslims for Palestine to avoid paying a $165 million judgment against it for its role in Hamas’s assassination of David Boim.

But now here is the Middlesex Muslim Center presenting a BDS presentation given by Muslim Americans themselves for Palestine.

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement is a Hamas enterprise. In fact, anyone can go to the BDS website, where it says that current members of the BDS National Committee (BNC) include the Council of National and Islamic Forces in Palestine (PNIF). Even the Wikipedia entry for PNIF shows that it is meant by various terrorist groups, including Hamas.

That’s a lot of Hamas right there.

zdan: Can you explain the significance of the 2008 attack? This was an attack by Islamist terrorists in Mumbai, India.

maksut: Whoever the attack was, or wherever it happened, has nothing to do with what’s going on in New Jersey. Muslim centers in Piscataway, Edison and North Brunswick should not have to face this type of harassment over an issue that has nothing to do with them.

This suggests someone with a guilty conscience. No one blames anyone for the Mumbai attacks. Apparently CAIR and others not only have nothing to do with the Mumbai attacks, they don’t care either.

zdan: So the actual contents of the truck, do you see it as something that was somehow distorted in a way designed to foster guilt or brutally intimidate people?

maksut: It is an attempt to almost throw dirt in the face of Muslims. It is a type of bullying. It is a way of saying that your community, your faith, is responsible for this heinous act. And it’s unfair, unfair. And, at its root, it is a kind of anti-Muslim and anti-Islamic hate.

In other words, he’s offended. CAIR is free to feel what he wants about the hype truck, but there’s no reason for the rest of us to get so excited.

As a man once said, “we all have the strength to bear the misfortunes of others.” Not to minimize what happened, but just for perspective, there were no injuries, no deaths, and no property damage. This was a very provocative act, forcing questions like: what is the meaning of this? What do you want? Is this the end?

However, it was not a “heinous act.” The LSD fueled psychopathic sexual torture and mass murder of 166 people. that is a heinous act.

zdan: Do you see this as part of a trend, or at the moment do you see it as an isolated incident even though there were three mosques?

maksut: Unfortunately, it is a trend. And what is happening in India is now spilling over to Jersey. And we are seeing a rise of the Hindutva, or Hindu nationalist movement that is inspiring this kind of anti-Muslim hatred.

CAIR is once again finding common cause with violent Muslims. In August, CAIR crashed the party by bitterly complaining that a bulldozer at an Indian Independence Day parade was a threat to Muslims. A threat known as bulldozer justice.

Bad as bulldozer justice can be, until now elements of the Indian government have only used it against the likes of Javeed Muhammad. If Indian news sources can be trusted, Javeed Muhammed got justice after trying to incite a murderous riot when someone publicly told the truth that Muhammad had married a girl.

Why would CAIR mistake Javeed Muhammad for an innocent man?

Isn’t CAIR bringing the dispute to New Jersey? CAIR is on TV hundreds and hundreds of times a year. How many times has a representative of “Hindutva” been on TV and accused CAIR of something?

zdan: What is the reaction within the community, these mosques and, in general, in the state?

maksut: I would say it is very concerning to see this coordinated effort taking place in our own backyard. The fact that our mosques, our houses of worship and our schools are being attacked in this way to intimidate the community is staggering. And we are happy to say that many are coming out to condemn it. But, it is worrisome for many.

This might be a good time to mention CAIR’s apparent policy of using its access to the media to attack people on television. CAIR’s targets over the years have included elementary school kids and plays, the mentally ill, middle school principals, police officers, business owners, and an incitement to a terrorist incident, etc., etc., etc.

CAIR has the personal perception of a sociopath and accuses others of doing what CAIR does on a regular, constant, perennial basis and on TV. There are over a hundred examples of CAIR running into people on TV in the last five years, with 29 this year alone. That turns out to be almost three times a month for eleven months. That’s what blows your mind.

zdan: Do you think the laws were broken here?

maksut: I would say yes, bias, intimidation. Try to harass people. This is not acceptable.

zdan: Good. And is there going to be any movement like increasing security around these mosques, or just generally policing more camera systems? Do you foresee something like that in general?

maksut: It’s hard, because no matter how much security you provide, or how many measures you take, or policies you introduce, you can’t stop people from committing these heinous acts. So we have to educate, we have to condemn so that the general public knows that this kind of hate has no place in our state.

zdan: It’s okay. Selaedin Maksut of the Council on American Islamic Relations. We will keep our viewers updated on what is happening in this investigation. But thanks for joining us.

maksut: Thanks for having me.

CAIR is hopeless. He will never learn, but instead will try to educate us to do what they say. And in today’s crazy world, maybe I’ll succeed. However, it is increasingly difficult not to see it as an irrelevant, inept, racist group linked to terrorism, pretending to run a civil rights organization.

You don’t have to take anyone’s word for that. You can see for yourself just by paying attention to CAIR on TV.


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