Half-burpees: what is a half-burpee and how to do it?


burpee falls into the category exercises which are extremely popular among those who work out in the gym or outdoors, and have several variations for people who want to strengthen various muscles.

One of these variations is called “half-burpee‘ and helps you work your abs, chest, hips, biceps and triceps. It’s not much different from doing traditional burpees, as you just have to skip one part of the exercise – the push-up, where you lower your body down.

Let’s see how you do it right half-burpee in order to get the long-awaited results in the near future.

How to do a half-burpee

There are those who do half-burpee as part of their high-intensity workouts, as they focus more on the jump part of the exercise.

When you do the standard burpeeyou need to get all the way down to a push-up position, but half-burpees have a significant difference, which means you’re not working the same body parts as you would with traditional exercises. burpee.

The process is quite simple, as you just need to follow the following steps in order to properly execute half-burpee and avoid the risk of injury.

You can start from a standing position and then lower your arms before pushing your leg back and bringing your body into a high plank position with straight arms.

Step back immediately and then you can either stand up or jump depending on the level of difficulty you want to complete the exercise. You can start with two to three sets of eight to fifteen reps.

When you come up, just make sure you straighten your body completely, because if you stay in a bent-knee squat position, you won’t work all the areas you need to strengthen with this exercise.


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