Haircuts that will set the trend in 2023: perfect for all types of hair


Shorter, bob, long hair… and of different colors, follow haircuts that will set trends in 2023. So if you want to change your look, you know that you will always go to the last one no matter what your current hair is.

We have seen during the year the reduction blunt bob, a medium length hair that favors all types of faces. And for this 2023, it will also be a total trend. It is ideal for fine hairbecause it gives volume and movement, but also for those who have a large amount of hair, because it can be cut in layers.

Even if you don’t know it, there are many forms of bob cut: shaved, layered, jaw length or above the shoulders. “It’s a cut that not only refreshes the face, but also helps clean the hair,” says Noé Puigpey, of MiPelazo.

For his part, he Butterfly cut or Butterfly Cut it tries to emulate the freshness and style of the blunt bob cut, as it is shorter in the front and longer in the back. It is done by cutting the hair in layers, which are of different lengths, to accentuate the look and enhance the cheekbones.

The Look No Gender is according to Llongueras, an undercut with an inner pixie cut and long side bangs. Its most recognizable feature is the bougainvillea decoration that conveys all this Mediterranean essence. And within the haircuts that will set the trend in 2023.

The dark roots are cut It consists of taking the area of ​​the roots darker than the rest of the hair. According to the Cabello Experience, this can be achieved by letting the hair grow naturally or by darkening this area with color, to create more contrast.

The result is daring and carefree, easy to adapt to all types of women, regardless of age.

Yes to the cuts with bangs. We don’t stop seeing them on social networks and on the street, because they are a clear example of how a small change can make a huge difference and completely revolutionize a hairstyle.

“One of the most flattering styles is bottleneck bangs, which starts from a shorter and straighter center strip, which is elongated towards the sides to perfectly frame the features. The bangs are baby bangs and blunt, like the one worn by the Spanish actress Blanca Suarez”, points out Mª José Llata, manager of Peluquería Llata ​​​​​​Carrera in Santa Cruz de Bezana (Cantabria).

The Clavicut is the perfect cut for those who want to give their appearance a new look but without drastic changes. According to Llata: “Clavicle-length hair is perfect for fall, as it allows you to clean up your hair, but without sacrificing length. It is a minimalist style, which is achieved based on straight lines and movement”.


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