Haaland makes his debut against West Ham in the Premier League 30th anniversary match


Erling Haaland Spanish Premier League The debut will take place in an away match against West Ham, when Manchester City begin their title defense at the Olympic Stadium.

League Schedule 2022-23 season was released on Thursday as Liverpool – a team many expected to be in contention with City again for the title – began with Fulham’s promotion. A day later, City play their first game.

First meeting of City and Liverpool scheduled for mid-October at Anfield, two weeks after City take over Manchester United.

Haaland became the league’s biggest player this offseason after moving from Borussia Dortmund. The 21-year-old striker’s first major home game for City is due at home to Bournemouth in the second round.

Nottingham Forest have made it through the Championship play-offs and their first league game since 1999 is at Newcastle.

The first game of the season will take place on August 5. Arsenal Trip to the Crystal Palace.

League to take a break after the weekend from November 12-13 to December 26 because of the World Cup.


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