Haaland forgets about his strict diet when he comes to Norway… while eating kebab pizza!

Ddespite a strict diet, Erling Haland can’t resist sweet and sour chicken when he returns to his native Norway to visit his family.

Hui Zhu Wang, who owns the Chinese restaurant Wen Hua House in Brun and is familiar with new Manchester signing for years, showed Halandfavorite dishes.

“Erling grew up in this restaurant and has been coming here with his family since childhood,” Hui Zhu Wang told SunSport.

“When he comes to Brune, he still comes to us and orders his favorite dishes – sweet and sour chicken or duck.

“He is always very polite and humble and it is amazing to think that he is such a famous football player.

“Often people recognize him in a restaurant and he always finds time to sign autographs and take pictures with fans.

“He gave us two of his T-shirts, which he signed, and one in our restaurant in a frame.

“We are very proud of him and what he has achieved and wish him great success in England.”

Another restaurant that Haland stops in Norway at Yummy Time, where the owner says the 21-year-old loves to treat himself to a kebab pizza, which is something of a Norwegian speciality.

Holland’s strict diet

Back in 2019, Halandfather, Alf Ingeclaimed that his son admired Cristiano Ronaldostamina at the age of 34 is so great that he decided to follow the diet of the Portuguese star.

“I had to be determined to succeed in the game,” he told ESPN.

“But Erling made all the sacrifices by leaving home at 16 to move to Molde and he is a lot more professional than me.

“He was told a story Patrick Evra about the dinner he ate with Ronaldo and Christian there was a fish, nothing else.

Erling is now trying to do the same because Ronaldo [was] 34 and still at the top of the game, so it shows the value of the right things.”

Meanwhile, Haaland spoke about his favorite food and emphasized that he only has the opportunity to do it twice a year.

“I love barbecue [meat]. I like it,” Haland said recently.

“That doesn’t mean I eat it all the time. I eat it a couple of times a year when I’m in my hometown – I hardly ever eat it, but it’s still my favorite food.”


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