Gutierrez Caba: “The state should not help anything, it should lighten the burden”


Honorary laureates always respond that it is inevitable to look back, at least to see if they really deserve such recognition. This is what happened to the veteran actor Emilio Gutierrez Caba after receiving the Honorary Pick from Seminchi from Valladolid, “All prizes are illusory, but when they are in the country where you were born, the illusion is twofold.”

During an interview with Andres Arconada for This movie a few minutes before receiving the award, he admitted that “it depends on the day or night, the person looks back or forward, the front is getting shorter and shorter and sometimes you look back with nostalgia, and sometimes with relief that it happened, always with successes and mistakes. ” The actor has an enviable career in film, theater and television with iconic characters like the president of the capable neighborhood community who killed Carmen Sam Maura for money. Fate wanted him to coincide with the director of the theater in Valladolid. Community, Alex de la Iglesia, who received another Peak of Honor and for whose film Gutierrez Caba won his first Goya Award.


Looking back in time, he also wanted to stop while talking to esRadio in the most recent – a pandemic. “As president of AISGE (a foundation that manages the intellectual property rights of actors, stunt doubles, dancers and directors), I have experienced the drama of many people,” so much so that “the Aisge advertising fund had to be closed and dedicated to social needs. fund because there were people who were starving. ”He also wanted to thank Netflix (platforms significantly increased the number of subscribers during blocking), collaborated with a donation of 350,000 euros

And the conversation about money sounded clear and concise in the microphones esRadio: “The state is always asked to help, The state should not help with anything, as it should be in order to relieve the burden“That is,“ we don’t need money, but we don’t give them that much money ”through taxes. He also wanted the audience to have words of love that responded so well as soon as the theaters reopen, ”people went with great enthusiasm. keeping silence almost religious and with great excitement at the end of applause. ” Having received the Peak of Honor, he dedicated it to actors who never received recognition, such as “my mother Irene Kaba Alba“He is currently touring with Galdos in love and hopes that in 2022 there will be a premiere of a play called Music for Hitler

“The Hollywood Market Is Broken”

Alex de la Iglesia He also looked back on receiving the Thorn of Honor from Seminchi, but also with the conviction, “This is good and necessary, because there is a tendency to despise everything that has been considered useless for a number of years,” he commented in an interview for This movie with Andres Arconada. The director believes that “having some experience helps us quickly recognize mistakes” and explained that “as we get older, I don’t think we do anything better, but this “Old June dog”, when you are an old dog, you dodge him lighter, and perhaps the product has some purity, but a little more. ” In fact, he seeks to “enjoy memories to the extent that it helps us to live better in the present.”

Basque director said in esRadio that although the Spanish audiovisual sector has gone through difficult times, “there are other sectors that are much more affected than the audiovisual, and these are the ones that we need to pay attention to because there are more urgent needs than audiovisualHowever, he believes that “Culture is a primary need that needs to be taken care of because it helps to cope with the disasters that befall us now, but we must have respect and intelligence to do other things ahead“As President of the Film Academy, speaking at the Goya Awards, he reassured us that ‘we are not that important, it is important to save lives in the hospital.’

Platforms, Allies or Enemies?

Alex de la Iglesia has always been distinguished by the fact that he was not afraid of change, “there are many factors that change reality, turning it into another,” which means that “in a situation of crisis or change, we can react with fear, trying to return with a nostalgic vision of those times when everything was better with giant Gran Vía posters, or stand, stand face to face. ” That “facing the challenge” is nothing more than “seeking new forms of expression and a new perspective before the current problem is market change“.

A change in the model, which “we are clearly noticing now, but this is what we already talked about, and perhaps we missed this opportunity, and now we see it in our faces.” remember this Alex de la Iglesia resigns as president of the Academy when Rodriguez Zapatero’s government approved what is known as Sinde Law… The same Alex de la Iglesia, who also asked Spanish cinema in his speech at the Goya Awards, “we must be humble, we look at our navel and never admit our mistakes.”

In microphones esRadio Alex de la Iglesia continued to urge that this challenge should be addressed “with the integrity with which we rejected it before, in the future, or rather in the future.” the present passes through the platforms“And asks precisely“ to remove this blindfold from the eyes of those who are afraid of a new type of market and relations between showcases ”. In his opinion, “the cinema will continue to exist, it needs to find its place. a way to be compatible with the platforms “to which he attributes the” democratization of cinema to an unknown level. “


He cites Spanish productions such as horror films as an example. Veronicafrom Paco Plaza, which, thanks to its platforms “is known all over the world and has 14,000,000 views, something unthinkable in a traditional Spanish film. “It can even be seen in television products such as Money robbery what wins all over the world, a world that discovers Spanish audiovisual media and makes it one of the most respected. “This would not have been possible without the platforms” because they launched series that had no success in Spain. “The first season of the series Money robbery he failed miserably when Antena 3 introduced him until he bought the Netflix rights and put together the chapters, leaving them to the world standard of 50 minutes, now achieving “incredible worldwide success.”

And he not only sticks to Spanish examples, but also uses world famous ones. Squid game, a series from South Korea ”, who could never have played this game in the classic conditions of the Hollywood market, Hollywood market is broke“And with all this, he is betting on ‘the opportunity and the challenge that entails participating in this game, we cannot lose or watch with fear.’

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