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Big consequences are coming arsenal ? While the London club remained four points clear of Tottenham last Thursday and appeared on track to reclaim the Champions League, everything fell apart within four days after losing back-to-back to Tottenham and Newcastle. Now, his perpetual rivals are two points ahead of him in the standings and appear closer than ever to a return to C1.

Saka hesitates, is City ready to take advantage?

This could have a big impact on the transfer window.According to information from sports, the Gunners are aiming to protect their Nuggets, Bukayo Saka, this summer. Under contract until 2023 and an optional extra year, the England international may be hesitant to sign a new lease, and he will be in the sights of Manchester City and Liverpool.

Not enough to stop Mikel Arteta.Realizing that his workforce is still flawed, the Spanish technicians make clear demands to his management based on his Evening Standard. He wants to recruit for quality not quantity. As such, the former Paris Saint-Germain player wants two top players at each position. British media confirmed that its management would be ready to respond positively to its demands and provide it with the means to achieve its ambitions. Summer promises to be busy with the Gunners!


With Arsenal on the verge of exiting the Champions League, this could affect Bukayosaka’s future. In fact, the England international may be hesitant to extend, and he will be in sight of Manchester City and Liverpool.


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