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Manchester City continued their great week last night. On Tuesday (5-1) defeated Bruges in the UEFA Champions League, the Civic team also quietly played against Brighton (4-1) yesterday. The author of the new high-level collective performance, the team coached by Guardiola is still impressive. The latter questioned the real need for nine people in his workforce at the end of the meeting.

Satire Guardiola!

On the Sky Sports microphone, Skyblues technicians satirized this question: ” Sky, I want to tell you one thing. One day we will lose and you will ask me if I need a striker. I bet what you want. I am not answering this question.sorry He said humorously.


After Manchester City beat Brighton 3-1, Guardiola is a happy man. After a reporter asked him if he really needed the 9th question, the latter was even ironic.


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