Guardiola: Real Madrid will always be Real Madrid, no matter the score


MAnchester City lead 4-3. Champions League semi-final second leg against real Madridalthough they could win more, and Pep Guardiola knows that it will be difficult at the Santiago Bernabeu.

The Catalan coached there many times and explained that a draw would still be alive, regardless of the M difference.ManchesterThere was an advantage.

“It was a good football game with incredible quality of the players on the pitch.” Guardiola This is stated at the post-match press conference.

“The result is what it is, and now we are going to take Leeds and then go to Spain next week.

“To win this competition, in my own experience, you have to overcome the situations that you have in front of you.

“The result could have been better, but real Madrid always real Madrid.

“It doesn’t matter if you have a lead of one, two or three goals, you have to do well in two games.

“We did very well in the first and we should do it in the second.

“It will be a good test to show our individuality as a team.

“We’re going to go there to win the game.”

Guardiola talks about missed chances for Manchester City

Asked specifically about the chances the Skyblues couldn’t miss, Guardiola was just happy that so many of them were created and he has no complaints.

“We missed them, but we created them,” he said.

“Maybe we should miss the chance, but we were there.

“Therefore, I don’t have a single complaint about the performance.

“I am so proud of how we performed in front of the whole world.

“We did everything to win, with the ball and without the ball.

“Now we will recover for the game against Leeds and then the second leg in Madrid.”


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