Guardiola: Pilot was great during bumpy landing and put everyone at ease


YesTorm Younis hit the United Kingdom in the last 48 hours and it even affected Manchesterreturn flight from Lisbon after their trip to the Champions League Sporting CPwith Pep Guardiola later praising the pilot.

On a day when the UK spent a lot of time watching live broadcasts of planes landing in high winds, Guardiola was too close to comfort for the action as the crew’s flight needed to make a fun landing at Liverpool.

Bumpy landing Manchester City

“To be honest, when I saw this video, I was like, ‘Wow, that was even scarier than we felt. Guardiola explained at his pre-match press conference ahead of his team’s upcoming game against Tottenham.

“There were a lot of hits, but it was the moment when we were falling and immediately the engine started to rise and we knew that something had happened.

“We had a pilot who spoke to us incredibly well. He was so calm and said we would try to land again in Manchester and when that failed he told us we would go to Liverpool.”

“He was great. Thanks to his words and the way he talked to us, everyone was calm.”


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