Guardiola on Kane’s disappointment: Four refusals from Tottenham


MAnchester City are climbing high in the Premier League again, even without a striker, but Pep Guardiola admitted that he was disappointed that he could not sign a contract with Harry Kane last summer.

Tottenham refused to let go of their star man and how Guardiola It turned out that there were several attempts to influence the Spurs, which went unheeded.

“Now you can say that Harry Kane didn’t come and everything is going well, but then I didn’t know that,” Guardiola said at a pre-match press conference before the match. TottenhamVisiting Etihad Stadium on Saturday.

“We tried, but it was clear to Tottenham that this would not happen.

“When it happens two, three, four times, it’s over.

“After that, we saw the squad and were not sure. Then we lost to Spurs and Leicester in the Community Shield.

“I have never been disappointed with what a club cannot do in the transfer market. I never started a fire here. When we have some kind of negotiations and we cannot agree, we do it inside.”

In January, City signed a striker in the person of the Argentine youth. Julian Alvarezand Guardiola is thrilled by the prospect.

“The club is always running, it never stops. If five players say they want to leave, we have to be ready,” he said.

“Julian scored three goals in his last game for River Plate and Manchester City got an incredible deal because he is a player who moves very well, the goals he scores are like Jamie Vardyfrom. Let’s see what happens in the future.”


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