Guardiola: Manchester City signed Haaland for such games


Heyit wasn’t easy, like Manchester City beat Crystal Palace 4-2 on Saturday.ace Pep Guardiolathe team was losing 2-0 at half-time before Erling Haland scored a hat-trick in the second half.

The coach was delighted with the striker’s ability to score goals and explained that this was why he was signed.

“We definitely [signed him] for this type of game,” Guardiola said after the victory.

“He did what he did all his life, in Salzburg and everywhere he went, he scored goals.

“It’s hard for us against these types of teams because they defend very deep, but he has an incredible sense of purpose. He is always involved.

“It is important for him to score goals. He has a sense of scoring goals.

“Third is to have quality, to be strong, then hit the ball into the net.

“Space depends on the movement of opponents. You must be patient and have more runners. This gives him more space.

“The numbers for this guy are incredible. Most importantly, he’s got a great job and he’s an incredibly humble guy.

“I saw his body language in a 2-0 loss and the way he cheered on his teammates.

“He is a wonderful person. He chats with the guys from the academy, and it means a lot. I hope he will be happy.”

Haaland opens up about his first Premier League hat-trick

The striker also spoke after the game, explaining his pleasure in scoring three goals and taking the ball home.

“It was an amazing feeling to score a hat-trick, it was a moment of pride for me and my family,” he said.

“These games are why I’m here to make a difference in difficult times.

“In the end, we scored four goals, which is very good, but when we play at home, we should not concede the first goals.”


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