Guardiola: Manchester City don’t have the same weapons as our competitors


Manchester boss Pep Guardiola admitted that his Premier League missing champions in center striker seeing Sergio Aguero We left the club this summer on a free transfer.

Townwho tried to sign Tottenham Hotspurwith Harry Kane during the transfer window were close to signing Cristiano Ronaldo bold Juventus before the last change led him to join Manchester United instead of.

“I totally agree with you,” Guardiola said, asked at his press conference on Friday if the striker could influence his Town command. “The attackers are the attackers. We don’t have the kind of weapons that the teams like. Chelsea, [Manchester] Combined or Tottenham or other.

“We don’t have a player to score 25 goals in the league, so we have to do it as a team. This is what we will be doing this season.

“These are the most difficult players [buy]… We are fortunate enough to have Sergio for many years.

“Unfortunately, for the last year and a half, he was out of action due to injuries, and we could not use him. We survived without him in a good way – in the way we played.

“There are two options we have right now: complain or say we have exceptional players.”

Despite the fact that he is known for loving to use a fake number 9 on his sides, Guardiola continued to emphasize that his teams have always had a traditional striker.

“I’ve always had a striker in my career.” Guardiola added. “Like goalkeepers, forwards are the greatest specialists.

“I AM [had] Samuel Eto’o [at Barcelona]maybe the best or one of the best strikers I’ve ever trained. What kind of player was Samuel. And [Thierry] Henry [at Barcelona]… I don’t know if he is a striker or who he is, but Lionel Messi was able to score several goals.

“There was [Robert] Lewandowski, Thomas Muller [at Bayern Munich], Sergio is here; I always play with the striker. Gabriel [Jesus] likes to play more on the sides than in the center. We want this as a club because I think the club knows, not for me, that it will need a striker in the coming years. “

Andrew Yates.EFE.

Chelseameanwhile went and signed Romelu Lukaku bold Inter during the summer. With Thomas tuchelthe side is already beaten Town in the last three games, including the Champions League final – Guardiola recognized how strong they are, especially since Lukaku

“I’m not going to deny that the player Romelu Lukaku is an, ” Guardiola said. “V Inter he took another step. Antonio Conte has the ability to improve every player who works with him and he returned to the European champions.

“How [Lukaku] plays with long balls, as supported by attacking midfielders and full-backs, and with the quality of players they have in the center to score between the lines … it’s a stronger team than last season, but it’s a challenge. I’m not going to say that I am sad or disappointed by our team. “

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